11 Months Update


WEIGHT:   20 lb 7 oz (lean like his parents)

FOODS: I'm not even going to act like I'm surprised he eats Cheez Its. Also scrambled eggs, 'baby crack' & chocolate muffins. Again, my kid.

BREASTFEEDING: Nursing but no night nursing! 

WORDS: Still Momma, Dada, Bubba, sometimes Hi & still working on Shit.

MOVEMENTS: No more crawling because he's officially faster on his feet. Will only eat what he places in himself (pros & cons) & stiff arms the dogs like a pro.

SLEEPING: I don't even know where to begin. We are no longer bedsharing, cosleeping or night nursing!! SAY WHAT!? We started sleep training a few weeks ago & it's literally life changing. Everyone sleeps completely through the night & we even have 'scheduled' naps & I'm using that term very loosely because that kind of structure during the day makes me uncomfortable.

TEETH: 8th one is currently cutting.

SICKNESS: Let's chalk it up to teething pains. Little drama king is perfecting his head throwback *eye-roll*

FAVORITE TOY: Literally everything that isn't his. Especially super gross things like the dust pan.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: So many adventures in the van this month! We'll have Thanksgiving, roadtrip to OR with everyone (pups included) & Matt finally using his paternity leave!!!


No more cart for me, Momma. I'm walking with you.

No more cart for me, Momma. I'm walking with you.

He STAYS on the move!

He STAYS on the move!