Master Your Morning

For a good number of people, I know mornings can be the roughest part of the day. The whole 'waking up early, rolling out of bed & being productive' thing just doesn't do it for some & I get it! Fortunately, I'm one of the rare individuals that loves those first few hours of the day. Why - I honestly couldn't tell you! I've been getting up either before or with the sun since I was in middle school / high school (Olympic athlete wannabe) so it honestly feels like second nature to me. Sleeping in past 8 is so foreign to me - I feel like I've wasted half the day! Combine it with Matt's insane work schedule & having a baby, early wakeups are a thing even if they weren't before.

So I've decided to share my 'morning' routine that helps reassure I get my shit done & stay sane at the same time. Hopefully, it can encourage some. Maybe none of this will ring true to you. I've been doing this routine since Jackson could sit up & I'm sitting peachy - also now that he's sleeping through the night, I feel like a brand new woman!

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Even though this is a Morning Routine, 2 of my 4 things take place the night before. Like a set yourself up for success kind of deal. Keep in mind these are specific to what works for me. Feel free to adjust & customize what works for you!



After putting J down for the night, I immedietly start picking up the rest of the house - basically everything he's gotten into & would comtinue to get into should I have cleaned it up while he was still awake. I sweep the floors again, wash the dishes in the sink, refill the Keurig, put away his toys in the living room, straigten up my desk for morning work, etc. Essentially, I set myself up for success so when I wake up, I'm not starting off with clutter & a previous mess. I won't feel overwhelmed first thing in the morning & it makes the biggest difference.

If you've been following my journey for a little bit, you know this is my bread & butter. I've successfully stuck with the same journal & written in it everyday since Jackson was born! & you know what - it's helped me stay not only sane but grow! Every night, I check off everything I've accomplished that day, note additional things I did, jot down random thoughts & finally, write out the next day. Personally, it helps to physically see what I need to do rather than keep a mental note. I keep my journal with me on hand throughout the day so should something come up, I can write it down!

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I have at least 3 cups of coffee throughout the day. Is it the healthiest? Obviously not but right now, it's working for me so SHHHH your opinions on that. Remember how I said I refill the Keurig the night before? One of the LAST things I want to do first thing in the morning is refill the damn water tank. Matt is normally up first & makes a cup for himself so that's at least one cup of the tank gone. All I want to do is put my mug in place, pop in the K cup & push the button. Easy peasy! First move of the day, especially if I have J on my hip. Having my first cup of coffee in the morning is crucial. & when I sit down to enjoy / destroy that first cup, I look through my journal to remind myself of what I need to do today. See how they all work together..? Also J is in his high chair watching the beginning of Trolls, Story Bots, whatever I can get to the fastest on my phone so I'm legit sitting & relaxing with my warm mug.

This one is for sanity. Now that Jackson is on his way to being sleep trained for both bedtime & naps, I have a legit time frame during the day for myself. I choose to use this time to workout or do yoga. Physical strength is a big deal for myself so it's what I work on in my free time. Yours could be reading, sit outside, watch your trash tv show, etc.. But this is needed. In order for you to do other things throughout the day, YOU need to be taken care of as well. Don't forget that! 


So there you have it. My routine of things I do every morning. Maybe it'll also work for you or just bits & pieces of it. Regardless, mastering YOUR morning establishes the remainder of the day. I suggest figuring out what works for you & your babe to have a successful day & do that!

Love & light, my dears <3