10 Months Update

WEIGHT:   20 lb 3 oz

FOODS: Eats baby food every day & definitely likes scrambled eggs so that's an awesome win :D

BREASTFEEDING: Still nursing!

These monthly pictures are getting harder.

These monthly pictures are getting harder.

WORDS: Momma when he's hungry or upset -_- Dada, Bubba, Hi. & we swear he's trying to say Shit LOL

MOVEMENTS: WALKING MONSTER! He's going to be running by a year old. Will walk / crawl by himself from the living room to his room & play with his own toys. Can successfully put food into his mouth, drink from his sippy cup by himself with both hands. 

SLEEPING: Still bedsharing. Matt's not crazy about it but he doesn't always get up to prevent me from bringing J into the bed & I want AS MUCH SLEEP AS POSSIBLE. Down to 2 (or 1) naps a day. Starts bedtime in his crib then transitions to us after 2.5 hours. We've debated starting sleep training but with teething, we want to wait until year 1 is done.

TEETH: 6 teeth!!

SICKNESS: 3rd cold :( But at least now we both know what helps & doesn't. Lots of nursing & sleeping straight up with Momma.

FAVORITE TOY: Exercise band, toothbrush, dog food LOL

LOOKING FORWARD TO: All the Pumpkin patches & Fall activities this month!


I cannot believe he's 10 months old now!! He's becoming so much more independent & his personality is really starting to shine! Obviously, I love dressing him like a big boy so everyone assumes he's already a year old. 

1st birthday plans are also in effect - Taco Bout A Party!!