WEIGHT:   19 lbs  3 oz

FOODS: We have officially started the transition to solids! We’re trying to evenly give him solids & breastmilk throughout the day. Also killing the sippy cup game!


BREASTFEEDING: Supply has definitely dropped but still chugging! 

WORDS: “Dada” constantly & “Momma” when he’s crying -_-

MOVEMENTS: CRAWLING MONSTER! Pulling himself up like he’s been doing it all his life & has mastered falling on his fluffy butt. Will also cruise around the coffee table, couch & broken down bouncer. Will stand on his own for a few seconds so walking can’t be far!! Pretty sure this dude is waving too.

SLEEPING: I NEVER thought I’d be bedsharing but here we are! Teething has messed everyone’s sleep schedule but it’s fine! Recently, I’ll put him down in his crib then when his first wake up happens, I’ll either just bring him into our room (because I’m lazy) or I’ll try to put him back in the crib. Regardless, up every couple hours.

TEETH: We have 4 teeth – FOUR! Bring on all the teeth! He’ll bite a little but I flick his cheek & take my nipple back the first time – WE DON’T PLAY!

SICKNESS: Currently battling our first cold & Momma feels so helpless!

FAVORITE TOY: Eating spoons, nail clippers, narwhal & all of the dog toys LOL

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Playing in our baby pool for the rest of the Summer!



8 months have come & gone in the blink of an eye!! Bubba is a mobile monster & honestly, I’m loving it! It’s also a great feeling to be able to put him on the floor & the dogs just walk around him or lay beside him  

Bubba also had his first flights last month & handled them like a champ! Slept a majority of the rides & Momma got to change her first diapers on a plane  

Better believe I’m absolutely planning his 1st birthday party because it’s never too early! Double celebration because 1. we kept Jackson alive for a year & 2. we are still sane. Makes sense, right!?

Love watching you grow, Bubba.