Once Upon A Farm Baby Food - Review

Once upon a time baby food was made fresh.
Today it still is.
— Once Upon A Farm

Have you heard of Once Upon A Farm baby food? They’re known for their ‘fresh from farm to highchair’ phrase & are one of the brands that come in a handy, resealable pouch!

Our 6 testing pouches

Our 6 testing pouches

Once Upon A Farm uses High-Pressure Pascalization (cold-pressure), which uses pressure instead of heat to kill off any potentially harmful ingredients. This process also allows them to maintain a higher vitamin and mineral content!



THERE ARE SO MANY FLAVORS! I guess I expected a few random combinations but I definitely didn’t expect these many options, especially for each suggested age range. Your babe is pretty much promised to take a liking to at least one of the many choices! We’ve discovered Jackson doesn’t really take to sweet-flavors so he wasn’t crazy about the peaches but LOVED the Wild Rumpus Avocado. I’m excited to try Blueberry for the sweet factor but also for the color! They also have 3 different applesauces for all ages!

  • Magic Velvet Mango: 5+ months
  • Fairest of Peaches: 5+ months
  • OhMyMega Veggie: 7 + months
  • Wild Rumpus Avocado: 7 + months
  • Mama Bear Blueberry: 7 + months
  • Green Kale & Apples: 7 + months
  • CaroBerry Mousse: 9 + months
  • Gold-y Mango & 3 Coconuts: 9 + months
  • Sun-Shiny Strawberry Patch: 9 + months
  • Carrot-y Coconut-y Quinoa: 9 + months
  • Just Right Oats: 9 + months
  • Chocolate Ever After: 18 + months
  • Spiced Applesauce (apples with ginger & vanilla)
  • Sweet as Apple Pie (apples with cinnamon & dates)
  • Straight from the Apple


To my Mommas who are out & about with their infant that doesn’t quite take to solids on their own yet & aren’t full enough from breast milk, look up Once Upon A Farm! These are perfect when you’re out & can be eaten cold or warm. To warm them up, simply put them in a mug of warm water, place them in for a few minutes & you’re good! They’re also 100% recyclable! All you have to do is cut off the top & throw into your recycling bin. 


All the foods used are local from the West Coast! Check them out HERE!

Once Upon A Farm offers different kinds of food combinations you won’t find anywhere else. For example Wild Rompus Avocado – where else will you find avocado, pineapple, banana & mint? 

You not only have the option to feed your babe in different ways but you can also choose how you receive your food! You can either order it online & it will be delivered to your doorstep in eco-friendly temperature controlled packaging or you can search HERE for the closest brick & mortar store!

The truth is in the color. Seriously. You really can’t compare. We don’t have much experience in the ‘baby food’ world yet but everything seems a little more muted & muddy looking. Not Once Upon A Farm though. The proof is all over J’s face  

Happiest baby, right!?

Happiest baby, right!?

Clearly, Jackson is a fan of Once Upon A Farm! Once he’s able to hold the package itself & not make a huge mess, I’m sure he’ll love it even more! Yay for independence, right? I feel like we’re about to always some of these in the fridge for him 

This post is in collaboration with Once Upon A Farm. I received a sample for this review / feature. Opinions expressed are my own.