Amara Organic Baby Food - Review


We have officially started introducing solid foods to Jackson & I’m so in love with this new world! However, as much as I want to jump in, head first & give him all the different foods, there needs to be that transition.

Amara Organic Food gives you the option to mix their food base with water, store bought milk or breastmilk. You mix the 2 together until it’s smooth, let it sit for a min then BOOM, you’re ready to eat!


Amara Organic Food is perfect for that transition because you have the option to mix it with your own breast milk  Personally, that’s my favorite aspect of it. Jackson obviously knows my smell so he could either be super curious or completely turn away something that smells new, let alone the consistency.

Another fun fact about them is they have their own way of preserving their foods. Amara Organic Food uses a unique technique that uses cold & pressure to lock in the essential nutrients and goodness of the fruits and vegetables. This way, the food maintains its nutritional advantages & prevents the fruit & veggies from being damaged in repeated high heat processes.


What’s the organic part of Amara Organic Food, you ask? It’s in the way they preserve the food. It goes through less of a process than those baby foods in jars & pouches, meaning there’s almost less than half the sugar! Little side note, the amount of sugar in those jars is about the same amount as a typical Coke bottle! 



Family is always on the go but you don’t have the tools to make what you want for them? Amara Organic Food is also a great substitute for those baby homemade meals on the go. They have 5 different flavors that are divided by age (months) but they serve more as guidelines  They are:

  • Tropical Mango: 6+ months
  • Banana: 6+ months
  • Potato & Kale Mash: 6+ months
  • Apple-Maqui Berry: 7+ months
  • Oats n’ Berries: 8+ months

Hope you think twice about what exactly you’re giving your little one & good luck on your introduction to solids!!


This post is in collaboration with Amara Organic Food. I received a sample for this review / feature. Opinions expressed are my own.