Just Add Yoga - Silver City Brewery

Have you heard of JUST ADD YOGA


It’s this really awesome organization that has 1 hour yoga classes in wineries or breweries! SAY WHAT NOW!? Yeah, right with the stills! Kind of perfect, right? But you can also purchase a ticket that includes a beverage at the end of class! Now THAT’S perfect! 

Today, Melanie & I went to Silver City Taproom in Bremerton, did an hour flow amongst the stills & it was glorious – each ‘deep inhale’ was of rich hops & fresh beer.


Our studio was literally the space beside the stills. Also, keep in mind, there were brewers doing their job around us so if anyone was looking for that quiet, serenity space, it wasn’t here. Which I loved! The brewers were constantly in motion, the main door to the room was wide open so outside bustle was heard, there was music with a beat playing (not water flowing or wind blowing) & all different ranges of yogis attended! 10-15 people & just the right amount of gratitude


The instructor, Rosie, was so amazing – her IG handle is @rosieinspace if you want to follow her! She’s based out of Seattle but took the ferry over specifically for this class! Now I’ve taken some yoga classes in my past but this flow was probably one of my favorites, if not my favorite. There was a different fluidity to her motions than others. Almost like “duh, this follows. It makes sense” kind of flow. My favorite being her ‘fierce pose’. Just go check her out.


Afterwards, we went to the Tap Room part of the brewery & had our after class beer. Originally, I purchased my ticket without a beer, just yoga (still nursing J & I’ve been severely cutting down my drinking because of nursing) but as soon as we parked, I wanted a Liquid Sunshine . I was able to purchase a beer ticket at the end of class so there’s no need to feel like your initial decision is concrete! 

We talked with other yogis who attended the class & even spoke to Just Add Yoga about possibly trying to make this more of a monthly thing, rather than a completely random pop-up! Personally, it gives me a couples of hours a day away from my bundle of joy to do yoga, have a beer, not watch Trolls & speak to adults in person. SO MANY POSITIVES, amiright!?


Bottom line: this was a great way to start our Saturday morning. Got to check in with myself, quality time with a friend, a favorite exercise, my favorite beer & human interaction. All around gold star of a morning.


Click HERE for their website where they have their schedule listed & ways to purchase tickets.

Follow them on IG at @just_add_yoga