PP Hair Loss Tip & Products


Who wants to talk about bald spots!? I do because I was NOT ready for my postpartum hair loss & I feel the need to let everyone else know.

I’m sure it started falling out around the 4-month mark which is when I was told I would start to lose it but I wasn’t seeing chunks so I thought I was a lucky one!  I was so wrong..


It became VERY evident to me after seeing my Mother’s Day photos. I had started to see some loss but HOT DAMN, my hairline was gone!  So I started doing some research on PP hair loss & the process of growing it back sooner than later.

It’s been just under 2 months & I have had significant regrowth so I wanted to share what products & daily tasks I do to help the process along 



HAIR OILS – I apply these oils to my scalp & massage in every night before bed. EVERY NIGHT! Shea Moisture Hair Serum gets applied directly to my balding spots. Castor Oil goes on the balding spots as well as throughout my scalp to help everything else grow in as full as possible 

SLEEPING CAP – This satin cap is put on after applying the oils & keeps the rest of my face & pillow from getting oily. Make sure when you order one, it stays on throughout the night


DEEP CONDITIONER – I started using DevaCurl’s Heaven In Hair maybe a month ago a couple times a week & it is amazing! Depending on how damaged your hair determines how often you should use it. It’s meant to make sure your scalp & new growth is hydrated so there’s less breakage. So genius & I should have been this years ago 

WATER INTAKE – You could get all the products in the world but the biggest factor in hair growth is hydration. You can drink juice, tea, soda but PLENTY of water is going to be your best liquid. & I’m not talking a few glasses a day. 8 8 ounces a day is recommended but I’d almost say go for the gallon. You’ll be peeing like a pregnant lady but your hair will growwwww 

HAIRSTYLES – Do your best to avoid tight hairstyles that put stress on your roots & scalp. Also, avoid overnight headbands. I KNOW – I’m the queen of headbands & I’m saying avoid them but you can wear them loosely. If you’re an avid wearer, you understand. Plus, you’ll need to cover those bald spots somehow. Like the one I’m always rockin? Rocco + Norah Mama Turbans are my sh*t 


2 months later & I have a hairline again! Good luck to all my Momma’s going through the struggle! YOU WILL SURVIVE!