6 Month Update

WEIGHT:  17 lbs 4 oz

FOODS: Momma’s milk.

BREASTFEEDING: 6 MONTH OF EBF!! If that’s not a win, I don’t know what it!

WORDS: Nonstop babble & definitely saying “Dada” but isn’t aware. Mumbles “Momma” when crying. Naturally -_-

MOVEMENTS: I swear, I thought this little dude was gonna crawl the other day. We’re starting to hold him in the crawling position just to introduce it to him just to see what happens. Also still LOVING to stand & bounce.

SLEEPING: Switches between sleeping through the night & waking up 3 times a night Naturally Duty nights are the multiple wakeups night.

TEETH: NOTHING! -_- Dude, I’m not about this non-stop drooling but no teeth breaking through. I’m sure I’ll regret it later but COME THE FRICK ON, TEETH!

SICKNESS: All good!

FAVORITE TOY: Teething ring, stacking rings & narwhal (of course).

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Trip home in a month!

I cannot believe this little man has blessed my life for only 6 months. Half a year & it feels like an entire lifetime! Jackson has taught me patience, compassion, understanding & unconditional – all from an infant.

Bubba is sitting up like a champ, recently started pulling himself up & ALMOSTstanding on his own, sticking his tongue out, still haven’t cut any teeth, & self-soothing himself to sleep with the help of his trusty thumb LOL. We’ve also started bed sharing towards the last couple hours of sleeping because I WANT TO SLEEP MORE, DAMMIT! I’m convincing myself he’s having a growth spurt so he’s waking up more which means I’m getting up more. 

Also, let’s take a gander at his progress photos back, shall we? Starting 1 week to 6 months  

– 6 months down. The rest of your life to go. –