Don't Touch My Hair, Bruh.


Alright, let's talk about manners. We've all been taught to ask permission before doing certain things, right? Parents teach their kids to ask before grabbing, touching, going somewhere, etc.. Does that concept just disappear when children become adults because I'm really beginning to think so.

Jackson is almost 9 months now & it never fails that each time we go out in public, someone approaches us with an outreached arm. Yes, his hair is super curly & there's a lot of it on his head. Why do people feel the need to touch it!? Unless you're ready for a one-armed life, I suggest you retract this motion.

Terrible bed head but he's an infant.

Terrible bed head but he's an infant.

People want to pinch cheeks, pick him up or even pet his hair. All of those things are fine IF YOU ASK FIRST. I know you've all heard of that sweet baby who received a kiss from a family friend who had a mouth herpes (I CANNOT. DON'T KISS PEOPLE WHEN YOU KNOW YOU HAVE THAT GOING ON) & then passed away weeks later because her immune system could not fight that virus. To the randoms or friends who wish to touch my child because he is "so adorable", please ask permission first or be prepared for me to touch you without your permission or at least, get insulted. That's not meant as a threat or a promise - more a warning. You wish to reach out & touch mine, I will gladly push your hand away as a deny.

I recently received this shirt from Ozzie + Olive that says "DON'T TOUCH MY HAIR BRUH." & I honestly wish I could put J in it everyday. On an entirely different level, do you even know the amount of effort I put into doing & styling his hair!? It's just like mine only a smaller amount. You wouldn't reach out & just pet me, would you? If you're answer is 'yes', BYE!! What makes it ok for people to reach out to kids & babies but not grown adults? You could apply the exact same concept to pets you don't know. Do you just reach out? You better not haha.


Long story short, just ask permission before you reach. That's all. Simple as that & takes very little effort. Future thanks :)


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