2018 Intentions



Jk. The real version of that for myself is more..


With every new year, it means the potential to 'start new or different' for a lot of people. Personally, I've found waiting until the new year or a specific date gives me time to procrastinate & basically gives me an excuse to not take steps forward. So I start things when I think of them. Loads of times, it comes off as a rash decision that almost seems not thought through but it has it's pros & cons.

Even though I'm not a fan of the "New Year, New Me" mindset that surfaces every January, I'm listing my intentions for my 29th year, along with how I plan to make these things happen.




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Super vague & pretty materialistic but I'd love to be featured on one of the many inspirational blogs or magazines I follow! WHY? Because I looked to these women, bloggers, writers, entrepreneurs, etc when I was pregnant, as well as early newborn days of Jackson & they've helped me exponentially. I'd love the opportunity to give back in any way I'm able to & plus, it would be like everything came full circle!

HOW: Continue to reach out & be active with these phenomenal individuals & platforms, stay true to myself & speak it to the universe :)



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As you can see, I'm trying to publicize my illustrations more! MommaLipsDesigns is fun as attire but the illustrations seem more my speed. Not that clothes aren't for me (it was something I wanted to try & I successfully did it so I have regrets!) but I get more joy out of these creations as well. So I'm making it a goal to ALWAYS be illustration something - coffee mug, Jackson, random objects, WHATEVER! I need to practice my [hidden] craft in order to perfect it! Another is picking up my camera again. It's a bit older now (Nikon D3100) but still does everything I need (except Wifi & Bluetooth). I want better pictures of J & can't keeping blaming I don't have Portrait mode on my iPhone but I DO have the original version with my Nikon :)

HOW: Illustrate my visuals rather than searching for a preexisting photo & taking my camera with us on every outing :)



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Started this last year when I had Jackson & I've gotta say, it is BEAUTIFUL. Physically, my house is cleaner & it's easier & quicker to clean up. We've gone through the garage, under the stairs, every closet, the kitchen & MULTIPLE closet purges. As a result, we've thrown out or donated over half of the 'stuff' that we originally moved into the house with. We still have more to go but this lifestyle is EVERYTHING - only keeping what is needed. Also, it'll definitely help when we move across the country later this year. Mentally, I've never felt so accomplished & at ease. Bullet journaling has saved me on multiple occasions & has become my own form of accountability. I'm a very visual person so physically writing things down & checking them off is not only productive but refreshing!

Want to see how I started Bullet Journaling? Click HERE!

HOW: Continue to purge with our move in mind, remind myself of visual 'resting spaces' & keep up with my bullet journaling.



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This one is deeply rooted because of Jackson. Running road races is in my blood - I've been running them since I was in middle school to beyond & Matt ran in college (but actually despises road races). We also have a jogging stroller so we could go on runs with Jackson. For whatever reason, we came to the conclusion to run a road race with Jackson every month this year. It's not quite a stretch for us since running is something we both actually like to do but it was more to include J in something early on. Should he grow up to be a runner like us: WICKED. He'll be able to say he was attending races at a year old haha.

HOW: Pre-register for races as the dates are announced for accountability. 


5. BABY?

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I know what you're thinking: what about the pressure of saying you're trying!? That's why there's a ? We're not not trying *que eyeroll* Personally, actually saying we're trying is what adds the pressure. Downloading an app, tracking everything, etc is what adds the pressure. So we're just going with the flow & hoping this year is our year to be blessed with another babe.

HOW: Not treating sex as a chore or something in my bullet journal. Treating it as me showing Matt I love him.



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Our time in Washington is coming to an end towards the end of this year & honestly, I'm a little sad about it. I'm stoked to be closer to family but WA will always have a soft spot in my heart (engaged, married, first house, Jackson was born). But we will be driving across the country with a toddler & 2 pups O_O so that's a tad stressful. But let's not forget about the house 'shopping' process (we'll be renting), the packing up of the house (please let the minimal living come in handy) & finding renters for our current house. Just lots things to consider.

HOW: Remind myself PLENTY of people have done distance trips with toddlers & pups. Hell, some people LIVE in vans with the same. I can make it.



Did you hear Oprah's speech at the Golden Globes?? Not that speaking your truth has been spoken about before but MAN, did she nail it. Something I learned last year is I don't need to defend my feelings or reasonings (to an extent). I don't need to get offensive but there's no need to explain my truth. & as a result, I shouldn't feel like I need to quiet my truth because someone doesn't agree. Matt has known this but I started practicing it outside my marriage & I've got to say, it's refreshing.

HOW: Remind myself someone could be thinking the same but are afraid to voice their opinion. Be that voice & stand by my voice.


So there you have it! Given, there are other things I'd love to either continue or change up but these were ones I felt needed to be addressed. Feel free to reach out if you want to know more or talk about yours!



*All illustrations created by Momma Lips Designs*