An Appreciation Gift for Him: A Wooden Watch

JORD watch Frankie in Sandalwood

JORD watch Frankie in Sandalwood

Remember how in one of my last posts, I made it very clear that Matt & I don’t celebrate most holidays traditionally? Meaning we don’t wait to exchange gifts on a specific day. Well, I decided to get Matt a super nice wooden watch for multiple reasons; 1. His tacky analog watch was finally falling apart, 2. I wanted to show him I appreciate him trying to come home early-ish to be with myself & our son & 3. I’ve been listening to A LOT of minimal / intentional living podcasts & a main point is investing yourself rather than just trying to find cute, cheap things. Put them all together & JORD watches made sense! Lately, Matt’s hours have been GARBAGE so he gets to spend maybe an hour a day with Jackson while he’s awake. We both know it's not a lot but at this point, he's doing what he can & we understand that.  So this is me showing him "I SEE YOU, BOO!"


Even though we're not the biggest on gift giving, we make sure when we do exchange something, it's purposeful. A quality watch is not only functional but extremely fashionable. Have you seen JORDs line of men wood watches?? The clean, wooden skeleton of the band alone is an eye catcher, let alone the visible gears & smooth, minimal cut. No fancy, blinding colors - simple neutrals & sophisticated tones to complete any outfit. I’ve gotta say, it’s refreshing to see Matt wear his grown-up watch & he suddenly transforms into my sexy husband again, not someone yelling out my splits (weird track flashback). 

Mind the water droplets on the face. It started raining - hey PNW! 

Mind the water droplets on the face. It started raining - hey PNW! 

If you’ve heard of JORD watches & have been debating on getting one, it's your lucky Day! I’m pairing up to JORD watches to giveaway $100 towards any watch of your choosing 😱  SAY WHAT?? P.s. they also offer to engrave the back. I would have totally done this but since Matt & I are barely romantic as it is, it probably would have ended up saying “Fishy Butt” & called it a day haha. But you guys should TOTALLY take advantage of it! Anniversary dates, a short phrase or coordinates - they’re all perfect. & you remember Valentines Day is coming up too, right?? If you’re the holiday gift giving type or just wanna show some love to your person, you should enter! Every person who enters receives a 10% off coupon code at the end of the Giveaway!




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Happy shopping, loves!

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