Pros & Cons of Hospital Birth & Birth Center

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As most of you know, I chose to give birth to my 2nd son in a Birth Center rather than a hospital like my 1st. There are plenty of reasons why I chose this but the main one being I wanted the environment to be a stepping stone to a home birth. As per the agreement of the center, we went home 6 hours after I gave birth. It was in those next couple days that both Matt & I really realized the difference between the 2 options. Think about it: with a hospital birth [especially if it’s your first birth], you may have to stay at the hospital for a couple days but during those days, you’re practically catered to. Nurses & doctors are tracking [should be tracking] Mommas bleeding & recovery. The new babe is also being monitored.

The first few days at home were the shock factors to us. Given, the last time we did this was nearly 2 years ago so we don’t really remember the details but I’ll be honest - I texted my Midwives multiple times during these days WITH PICTURES. Especially with my blood clot scare, I needed the peace of mind that what I was experiencing was normal. Had I been in the hospital, I would have been able to ask people as they came in & out. Turns out, I was good but not having that accessibility right after threw us off. 



  • Should an emergency occur, there is necessary equipment & personnel.

  • Want drugs? They have drugs.

  • The baby will be looked at constantly.

  • Momma has the option of ‘required bed rest’ for recovery.


  • The longer you’re there, the more they may offer drugs

  • You stay longer after the birth



  • Leave soon after the birth.

  • Mimics closer to a home birth.

  • Au natural


  • Should an emergency occur, there isn’t necessary equipment & personnel.

  • No drugs.

  • Limited availability [at the one we chose].

  • Have to apply for babes birth documents & schedule outside exams.

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I’m not gonna lie - I absolutely loved my Birth Center experience. Again, I had no issues with my hospital birth but taking a step closer to delivering at home was what I felt I needed to do. Not to mention the constant reminder that for YEARS, women have been giving birth in their homes because they had not choice - yeah, I couldn’t not!

Our original plan was to have our 3rd babe in home. But I’m being told home birth in SC raises some issues with Midwives. Something about them legally not being able to do it? I need to look further into it but I can absolutely say I will never give birth in a hospital again. If anything, I’ll be right back at the Charleston Birth Place for Baby Lips #3 :D