Why A Double Stroller??

Let’s just ignore my face, ok?

Let’s just ignore my face, ok?

We are a running family. We know this. Others know this. It’s a fact.

Both Matt & I ran competitively me [me way more than him LOL] & now we’ve continued running since we’ve been together. When we got pregnant with J, we already knew we’d be investing in a jogging stroller rather than your standard one. With our active lifestyle & living in WA state at the time, we knew we’d need something more rugged that could handle more than a parking lot curb. We came across BOB Strollers & it was done. We purchased the SE Revolution Single with adapter & we were sold. It became a very regular thing for me to go on runs with Jackson & then taking it out for standard walks wasn’t an issue either. When we got pregnant with Miles, we had to decide if we wanted to trade in our current single jogging stroller for a duallie or purchase another single.



In the end, we decided to get 1 double stroller over 2 singles for multiple reasons. In an ideal world, I would have a both a double & single stroller. Just so I’d have the option to run with both boys at once or just one. Plus a personal goal for 2019 is to up my milage during runs & I can do that best with a stroller that can hold both - rather than me trying to find a sitter for one while I go on a quick run with the other


Since we already had a BOB stroller before, we knew the BOB basics that would be included: swivel front wheel, reclining seats & dope shock suspension. But what separated THIS one from the other BOB duallie strollers? [Honestly, there was NEVER a chance for any other jogging stroller brand. It was always going to be a BOB. It was just a matter of which BOB].

The adjustable handlebar, deeper canopies & built in Mom community [Fit4Moms] sealed the deal for us. Matt could care less about the handlebar but I find it convenient for when I’m walking. Depending on how my shoulders are feeling, I can hold them lower or higher. The deeper canopies are PERFECT for windy days, bright days & gently reminding people to not put their face in where my kid is. & the Mom community is CLUTCH for me. Connecting with other Mommas with the same hobbies is super important so this gives me a foot in the door.


Keep in mind, I wasn’t gifted or sent this from BOB so I’m not being paid to rave about it. But I am so obsessed with this stroller! Yeah, it’s pricey but it’s an investment that’s perfect for my family. The very first thing I realized about it is that it’s TALL! I know that sounds weird but it just feels a little higher than our single? Which is totally fine. & the adjustable handlebar is convenient for walking & running heights - I can change it to whatever makes me most comfortable.

THE STROLLER FITS THROUGH A DOORWAY! I don’t know why this is so incredible to me but it’s an awesome feature. The seats themselves are narrow but still comfortable & the recline individually with 1 HAND. The canopies are a little flimsy but that’s because you can tilt them in different positions rather than just pull down.

The version that we got [Stroller Strides] comes with a fitness kit, week coupon for classes & resistance bands. I’m gonna be real - I won’t be using the kit or coupon but I’ll most likely use the bands. It also came with the extended cup holder for the handles so I didn’t have to purchase that individually. Stroller Strides is also a collaboration of BOB with Fit4Mom that created it’s own Momma running community which I’m stoked to be a part of!

All in all - this was a much anticipated gift to myself & it was SO worth it! I do notice that my lats & shoulders are crazy sore because of the wider stance & grip I need in order to drive this thing. But I love it. I’m able to get out & workout comfortably with both boys & everyone is happy. Just got my weather shield yesterday [so I can run when it’s cooler out & they don’t freeze] & am waiting on our double tray [so J can eat snacks & have something to lean the iPad against]. Let’s see how many miles we can get in 2019 with this thing :)

A garbage attempt at getting an action shot of me & my dope dualllie. Don’t worry - I’ll get better.

A garbage attempt at getting an action shot of me & my dope dualllie. Don’t worry - I’ll get better.

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