4 Positive Habits I've Developed

How’s everyone doing with their new year intentions? Following through? Fallen off? Completely forgotten about them? Today, I’m sharing some habits I've developed to help keep me on track & hold myself accountable. Also hoping it serves as a reminder to those that may need it :D

Am I glowing? Because I feel like it :D

Am I glowing? Because I feel like it :D


I’ve heard the advice to “unplug” an hour before bed & honestly, I thought it would be impossible for me (How sad is that?? Because I seriously always have it & am on it).  But for the past couple weeks, I’ve started using the Do Not Disturb option on my phone that that allows me to not get notifications from 8pm to 5am (times of my choosing based on when J is normally sleeping), which results in me not being on my phone 😱 I know - ground breaking! I have missed some evening conversations but it’s nothing I can’t pick up in the morning. But I’ve noticed I sleep a lot harder & more peaceful since this change so this is worth giving a try! Good stepping stone rather than trying cold turkey.



Have you heard of this? There’s plenty of things around the house that you say only takes a minute - taking the trash out, clearing off the counter, making the bed, etc. Well if it only takes a minute, why not do it then & just knock it out? I don’t get as many things done as fast as I want anymore (growing a human while raising another) so I get them does as I can! 



Last week, the weather in the PNW was dreary & cabin fever worthy but we did our best to fight it but at least cracking a window to hear the rain & breathe that air (while sitting in layers & socks because it was still frickin cold!). But shoutout to some Mom inspirations who unknowingly remind me that J needs to experience the outdoors 🙌🏽 9 times out of 10, I feel better after just watching him explore & being surrounded by the green PNW trees. Also still holding myself to running as much as possible because it really is one of my favorite places to be. Next race is in April & it's the Dolphin Dash! Feel free to register & join us!



Self care, right? So I’ve been doing a bunch of reading about intentional / minimal living & Ive found it to be extremely helpful. Like self help books, in a way. My little library on my bedside table is slowly growing so it gives me that drive to finish one & start another. My latest self investment was the MomsInColor launch event I went to a couple weekends ago in LA. That post is coming soon (I promise) but I never in a million years thought I’d go to anything like this - an event that is specifically for black women awareness. But I went FOR ME & I thrived. I dare you to do something big for yourself. Set a goal & do whatever you need to do to make it happen FOR YOU.

So there you have it! Simple things but I feel like they also get overlooked so easily. They assist in the everyday hustle & can help plan for the future! What are some habits you're looking to improve on or change?



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