Why We Find Out the Sex of our Babies

Because I'm pregnant, I'm getting all the standard pregnancy questions: how far along are you, when are you due, how do you feel, etc & honestly, I do not mind at all! I know some women really despise being asked everything under the sun like that but I'm a social person so I'm here for it! What I don't like is when someone asks, I tell them my opinion or our plans & they disagree. NOPE. I've been asked A TON if we're finding out the sex & the answer is yes, yes we are. Then some think I'm a hypocrite because at the same time, I fully support all my LGBT babes with them being whoever they are. 


I can support everything LGBT related & still find out the sex of my baby at 16 weeks without being a hypocrite. How, you ask? Because I know my intentions.



Will we be having a gender reveal party? Absolutely not. We didn't for J, I don't plan to have one for any of my kids &, honestly, I think they're pointless. It's literally baby shower but maybe no presents? Depends on what the parents are deciding but I digress. Finding out the sex of my baby doesn't necessarily mean if it's a boy, we get all blue things, all sports things, & everything that fits a boy cliche. Or if it's a girl, same thing. It also doesn't mean he or she will be heavily influenced by that gender-specific role. Now I know some of you just rolled your eyes but stop right there. I'm sure you've heard of gender fluid & all the other new descriptions & titles that are surfacing & I'm not here to judge them or tell them they're wrong. Everyone is just trying to find their place in the world - who am I to tell them they're wrong? If you know ANYTHING about me, it's that I support you being 100% with yourself all the time.

I'm finding out the sex because I'm incapable of going longer than 16 weeks not knowing this vital piece of information. I need to know as much as I possibly can about this being growing inside of me that I physically cannot see. Understand? I need to name this babe!! Not to determine if we should buy boy or girl things in preparation - he or she is getting everything Jackson has already gone through (which is a lot of stripes) so it really doesn't matter.

So before people start this "I thought you supported Human Rights! Why do you care about the sex?" argument, don't. It's sickening to know there are people out there that look to try to turn people against their beliefs like that & also question my judgement. Matt & I have had many conversations about everything under umbrella that is LGBT & kids. If any of our kids ended up coming out to us down the line, we'd be elated & do you know why? Because that child would grow up in one of the most accepting homes & know they are loved for exactly who they are. Do you know how life changing that is for a kid?? That trust develops early & that relationship just blossoms..

So don't question my intention on finding out information about MY kid. I need to know literally for their name & future hair ideas. That's it :D We’re finding out for Babe #2 the day after our anniversary with Matt’s parents in 2 weeks so here’s to a healthy babe with great hair who I can name ☺️



Hoodie: Bun Maternity

Bag: Cay + Col

J’s jacket: Baby Gap

J’s boots: Old Navy