Jackson’s Birth Story



December 9th, 2016 at 3:13am, Matt & myself became parents to Jackson Charles Lipscomb! It’s crazy to realize how random numbers & dates are so inconvenient then in the next second, become a series of numbers you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.


It all started Thursday afternoon around 4pm. My entire pregnancy, I’ve been looking out for contractions in the front of my belly – to me, back contractions meant J was in the wrong position or I’d have to get a C-section. When I started feeling that mind numbing pain in my lower back every 5 minutes for 1 minute long, I knew something was in the works. I started bouncing on Sarah’s exercise ball in the living room then moved to bouncing in my room. I wasn’t entirely positive this was the time to really start planning to go to the hospital because the contractions came on so fast & strong!

Matt had told me that morning he was planning on staying a little bit later at work because Holiday stand down was just around the corner & some things needed to be completed before that. I called the boat then his cell to just let him know my contractions were getting pretty strong but that I also didn’t think  he needed to rush home. By the time he got home 20 min later, I was FEELING the pain. After talking to Crystal, she informed me it sounded like I could be going into active labor but there was no way to know unless I was checked. Also if possible, continue with my nightly routine & try to sleep if I’m able.

Within the hour, my contractions felt so paralyzing & breathtaking, I was sitting in my bathtub hoping the buoyancy of the water would assist (which it felt like it did a little). After changing the water out once after another hour, I told Matt we had to head to the hospital – it was about 8pm at this point. I would have sworn I was wayy dilated. I mean, considering the pain I was in, I had to be!

THE CAR RIDE SUCKED HARD! Once in the parking garage, I felt 3 contractions just walking from the car to the hospital door – longest walk of my life – & of course, there were no wheelchairs at the entrance so I waddled everywhere. Once we made it to the 4th floor, I attempted to check-in & was hit with a contraction mid-sentence & just turned into Matt. INTO TRIAGE, WE WENT! I was immediately checked (after projectile vomiting on of the nurses arm) & was still only 2cm. “FUCK!” was the next thing I yelled & looked at Matt saying “I don’t think I can do this..” The pain was unbearable & I couldn’t believe I was still only at 2cm.. Thank God Matt was there & acted on my stubbornness – he insisted that wasn’t what I really wanted & we’d continue muscling out the pain. We waited another hour & I had only dilated to 3cm.

From there, Crystal recommended a morphine shot to ‘take off the edge’ & allow me to nap a little – I was starting to complain about being light-headed & feeling like I was going to pass out so I needed a rest. Matt & I were admitted into a different room where I received my IV for the morphine & also a separate shot in my leg.

After a 2 hour nap, I woke up with the sudden urge to use the bathroom. After peeing consistently for the next 30 minutes, I started to feel this overwhelming pressure on my butt every contraction. I remember specifically, I sat down on the toilet heard a loud POP! & saw a release of water into the toilet – I watched my water break. I immediately called out to Bev (my favorite nurse) & told her I felt like I needed to poop RIGHT NOW. She busted through the bathroom door, grabbed my arm, said “we’re not having this baby on toilet!” & dragged me to the bed. She quickly checked me & announced “get the Doctor. We’re about to have this baby now!”





The past few months, I’ve tried to envision how I wanted to give birth, which was using a birthing bar. Bev had it all set up at the end of the bed & I was placed into position. Stripped down to my bra, I squatted like I wanted to & was told to push when I felt my next contraction. At this point it, was around 3am so I had been laboring for about 11 hours. 3 pushes & 13 minutes later, I was holding my beautiful, baby boy! Was definitely channelling Machell with her delivery times – if she could do it, so could I! Naturally, I ripped -_- but I had my boy in my hands – last thing on my mind. He was born at 3:13am, 7.14 oz, 2o.2 inches long & au natural. I GOT MY GOLD STAR LIKE I WANTED!! He was given directly to me & all I could think about was his head full of hair 😍

Excuse my face but this was SECONDS after having him 😘

Excuse my face but this was SECONDS after having him 😘

From there came my placenta & lidocaine shots (WHICH DID NOTHING) for my stitches. It was while I was struggling with getting my stitches that Matt finally got to hold Jackson. He stripped his shirt off, did skin to skin contact & I swear fell in love with Matt all over again, seeing him with his brand new son ❤️

First family photo 🖤

First family photo 🖤

Immediate recovery was pretty amazing (yay no epidural!) Within an hour, I was up walking around like nothing had happen. I was given food because I was STARVING & when Auntie Barbara called to know the status (I had gone MIA to EVERYONE around 430 Thursday afternoon & her flight landed around noon the Friday he was born), she was surprised I was moving around!! I managed to poop the same day (miracle) & peeing surprisingly wasn’t the worst thing in the world! I was pretty stoked to try on my B.F.F. Belly Bandit PostPartum Girdle but was still pretty swollen & wasn’t able to completely wrap it around me the same day. However, the NEXT day, I managed to just velcro the pieces together & have been wearing it nonstop since. Also got to wear my 24 hour dress from Dwell & Slumber which was so comfortable & convenient with the snapping front for breastfeeding.

Would you believe this is me the next day, J was feeding like a champ AND I’m standing unassisted. GO ME!

Would you believe this is me the next day, J was feeding like a champ AND I’m standing unassisted. GO ME!


Overall, I couldn’t have asked for anything more from my birthing experience. Like I’ve said before, planning can only get you so far. My labor & delivery couldn’t have gone smoother(nothing to compare to)but I’ll know what signs to look for next time! There are no words to express how proud of myself, Matt & how happy I am to have my sweet, little family grown by 1 gorgeous, baby boy.


– Jackson Charles Lipscomb –
– December 9th, 2016 3:13am –
– 7.14 oz –– 20.12 in –





Cover photo & last photo by Wind+Bird Photography