Sex Reveal - Momma of Boys [for now]


The other day, we found out the sex of our second babe & that penis was plain as day. If Matt had a GoT name, it would be Maker of Boys..


Before we even got married, I said I wanted all boys. Something about being surrounded by boys, men, dudes, 'brothers', etc - it was a dream. & not in an "I don't get along with females - I just get along better with dudes' way. Negative. I've been a tomboy all my life. Yeah, I have a sister but sports were my upbringing & I was always competing with the guys. My dreams were of me raising little boys because I just had an instinct I would be my best with them. & now my dreams are coming true - at least for the first 2.

However, up until a month ago, my thought process changed & I switched to really wanting a little girl. But there was some influence:

MATT: he had convinced himself & myself that we were having a girl. No other option. He spoke it out every day (really getting into manifesting things like I've been telling him) & I couldn't help but believe it would happen.
DUE DATE: call it cliche but I really thought it was a sign that my due date is the day before my Mommas birthday. AND we're also planning to name our first girl after her. I thought this was the universe lining it up.

Just like with Jackson, we scheduled an appointment with Prenatal Universe in Tacoma to do a sex reveal ultrasound after I was 16 weeks along. (The Naval hospital does it for free but it's after the 20 weeks anatomy scan & I don't have that patience.) The only requirement they ask for is that you currently have prenatal care, 65 bucks & drink OJ before you go in. Easy as pie, right?

Last year, we went on the Fourth of July (Holiday) so the parking lot / building was completely deserted. This time, it was a Thursday in the middle of the day so it was hella busy. However, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A & I got to indulge myself with a couple chicken sandwiches, sweet tea & waffles fries so I was in no rush to get in that building.

We made it up, filled out some paperwork, I drank my OJ then sat in the chair with Matt holding J & his parents beside him. My 3 favorite things about this ultrasound location: 1. you see the babe on a 60 inch tv, not a little monitor you can barely make anything out, 2. the gel he puts on your tummy is WARM! & 3. he will print you out so many pictures! Really, we only needed a few (space between the legs & a couple profiles) but we got fingers, toes, out-stretched legs, front of the face, got to see him swallow, yawn & kick the monitor off my belly -_- Seriously, this babe is ridiculously active.

Like I said before, we were pretty hung-up on the fact that we would be getting a girl. Like no other option. But I think as I sat down in the chair, I knew. I knew we'd be having another boy & I didn't "have to come to terms with it." This pregnancy is SO similar to J's, it just made sense - no sickness, still active, I'm glowing like I'm radioactive, chicken food aversion (to a degree). But I knew I'd love this babe regardless of the sex (DUH!) & I quickly remembered my younger self dreams of being surrounded by boys.

He doesn't get it yet but :D

He doesn't get it yet but :D

Matt's reaction was my concern. As soon as we saw the penis, I could hear him sigh. After we got back home & were at our anniversary dinner, I asked him if he was really upset & disappointed to have another boy. He said initially he was but it wasn't like he was disappointed to have another boy. He was just excited to get something different - basically would have been the same if we previously had a girl & were pregnant with another girl. But don't get it twisted, we are SUPER STOKED to get the chance to raise 2 boys together. The very next day, Jackson & Matt were standing side-by-side in the living room shirtless in sweatpants & boots, like damn twins & my heart just melted. Soon enough, I'll get to add another little man ladder of the exact same & it couldn't be more perfect.

So until the next babe, because there will be another. We want 3 minimum so if we don't get a girl on the 3rd try, Matt's 'allowed' a wildcard try after his 4 years remaining in the Navy so we'll see what happens. In the meantime, we look forward to late Septmeber to meet our sweet Miles & add him to our unit <3

Oh, my boys &lt;3

Oh, my boys <3

Sweet Miles is on his way!

Sweet Miles is on his way!

Thank you so much to everyone for their kind words & thoughts of support! We've been told we're crazy because we'll be joining the 2 under 2 club but believe us when we say we know exactly what we're doing & this is all according to plan. Miles is already so loved & we CANNOT wait to raise him in the South. Obviously, we have no problem with name sharing because he's gonna have this name for the rest of his life so why hide it?? Sweet baby M - we can't wait to meet you.