Wind + Bird Photoshoot - Jackson Maternity [Illahee State Park]

We’ve received our pictures from Wind + Bird & we are in love! It’s pretty surreal because these are our first real professional pictures of our (growing)family.. Like now we could be used as stock imagery LOL! Believe some of these will get framed & displayed!

But really – we’re blown away at how beautiful these turned out & we can’t wait to work with Jessamyn again once Jackson is here! Thank you so much, boo!

LOCATION: Our home then Illahee State Park
PHOTOGRAPHER: Jessamyn Rasmussen – Wind + Bird Photography
DRESS: Pink Blush

Matt+Jessie-8 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-22 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-34 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-36 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-38 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-56 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-66 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-72 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-76 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-80 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-82 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-86 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-92 copy.jpg
Matt+Jessie-100 copy.jpg

I only say this with Matt & when no one can hear me because it’s extremely conceited but DAMN, we are gorgeous!! I know, I know but I seriously can’t stop looking at these..  Jackson better will complete this light skin beauty trio we have going on <3

Dress: PinkBlush