Mother’s Day 'Gift' Guide

Do you guys realize Mother's Day is right around the corner? Like a couple weeks away?? Have you decided what you’re doing for the person who brought you into this world? Below, I’ve made a brief list of things I would want: gestures, products, physical things, etc. Y’all know I’m not super about the physical unless it serves a purpose blah, blah, blah. Ok onto the list!


Much easier said than done but always needed. As a Momma, we are constantly giving, providing, nurturing. Sometimes it can be difficult to do those things for ourselves so help us out! If we have small ones, volunteer to watch them for a little bit so we can take a RELAXING shower or bath, start that book we ordered last week, watch that adult movie that doesn't have any singing or just take a nap! & for the more stubborn ones, just come on over. It takes a village, right?



Whether it's a chill dinner (grab that check), a few hours at home or a walk outside, some one on one time to just talk is super refreshing. Put your phone down (guilty!) & have a conversation with yo Momma! Ask her whats been going on, how's she really doing, current hobbies, etc. Put the attention on her & it'll be a nice refresher for her.



PRODUCT ALERT but this has been a recent favorite find. I'm discovering I have a knack for physically writing things down as a way of recording so their baby books are gold to me. Promptly Journals makes these beautiful journals of different topics (childhood, travel, adoption & love story) so it's easy to keep track of the years. What makes them different from other journals? The prompt (get it?) I have 2 of the baby books - they record & offer prompts from pregnancy to age 18 O_O Perfect for any new Momma, Momma of multiples, the traveling Momma or the Newlywed.

One for each of the boys.   Grey Tweed

One for each of the boys. Grey Tweed



Sounds like the #1 things when people mention self-care, right? These go hand-in-hand with the ALONE TIME because these could be potential crossovers. But here, I'm saying cover the bill - it's like a double gesture of alone time & self-care. & obviously it doesn't have to be 1 of the 3 specific things above - just cover the bill for what she wants :)



Jackson isn't old enough to make gifts for me but believe when he does, I'll love each one. If you know Mommas with little ones who are old enough to create, you can't go wrong with an old fashion macaroni necklace or handmade card!


Friendly reminder to not only show your Momma you love & appreciate her on this ONE day. She brought you into this world & has loved you since. The least you could do is tell her how much she means to you as often as you can :)