Gotta Have That Little Black Dress

Let me preface this by stating I AM NOT A FASHION BLOGGER. Hell, I’m barely a fashionable person. But I promised myself with this pregnancy, I was gonna werk my bump (you read that right). Rather than stick with leggings & big sweatshirts, I was gonna enhance my pregnancy glow because it’s SUCH a short phase! Before this 2nd pregnancy, I was a Momma looking back on my 1st baby bump like “damn, I miss that.” This time around, I want to look back & say “damn, I looked good!” 



BASICS - I stick to realistic, basic attire. Not to the point where I don't wear articles with words on them but I do have my go-to pieces that make the most sense in day to day wear. 

PALETTE - Limited. Mostly black, greys, blues & browns. Whites make me nervous (I’m a messy eater, have a child & dogs) & bold colors just aren’t for me? They clash with my personality.. I swear I’m funny 😆 

JEWELRY - Limited. No necklaces & studs / close proximity earrings (Jackson again). Simple brown watch, rings are gold & hand-me-downs. 

COMFORT - If I can't bend over in it, be in it for hours & shows every hint of makeup or dirt, it's not in my closet.


Spring is just flirting with us all, am I right?? Everyone is aching for clearer, warmer weather & with that comes spring fashion! I was lucky enough to partner with PinkBlush again for this 2nd pregnancy & I was more than stoked to finally get that staple little, black dress every lady needs in her wardrobe. 

Onto to the dress - bumpin away at 16 weeks!

Basic black dress - M

Basic black dress - M

A staple little, black dress is necessary in most girls closet - works as a basic cocktail dress, can easily go from day to night with accessories & all you really need is additional layers. You literally cannot go wrong! I was lucky enough to snag this little beauty that is a maternity dress (it scrunches on the sides for my growing belly) but is still tight enough to show off my other curves :)


Because Spring keeps teasing us with these gorgeous day break followed by days or rain, I decided to layer up with a light, floral shawl (kimono) - making me feel extra girly haha.


My rings, simple brown watch & basic nail polish don't distract from the outfit but tie it together..


Bottom line, this dress just makes me want to continue growing. The fabric is ridiculously soft, stretchy & breathable so it's basically like I'm wearing a nice pair of leggings all over. As the weather gets warmer (& drier), I see this dress coming out to play just to go grocery shopping. & the shawl (kimono) is a little different than what I'd normally go for but I'm glad I took a chance & added a little floral to my wardrobe. It'll be perfect with jeans & a tank!


OUTFIT Details:

Dress: Pink Blush
Kimono: Pink Blush
Shoes: Rue 21 (1. They aren't carried anymore & 2. I'm aware I'm old)
Glasses: Warby Parker
Watch: Target
Rings: heirlooms



Height: 5'7
Current weight: 150lbs
Dress size: Medium
Kimono size: Medium


This post was sponsored by PinkBlush but all opinions are 100% my own.