Wind + Bird Photoshoot - Miles Maternity [Illahee State Park]

SUCH A BITTERSWEET SHOOT! As if being a client (& dear friend) of Jessamyn over the years hasn't been great enough, we decided to make our final session our very first location with her for Jackson's Maternity session - CLICK HERE FOR THOSE DREAMY IMAGES.

Jackson was cranky as no other (it was pretty close to bath time/nap time), the mosquitos were out & my go to sticky, strapless bra decided to fail me so prep yourself for all the nip viewings through my dress. Not gonna lie - I started off really self conscious about them but Jessamyn reassured me it was fine. Y'all, listen to your photographers because these end results are the dreamiest. I told her I wanted a very natural approach to this session & she knocked it out of the park.

I will forever have these stunning images of my growing unit in our beautiful Washington area. Now living in SC, these images have me missing the West Coast SO bad but it's ok. The greenery & foggy water will always be in my mind & heart.


But enough talking. Onto the stunning images. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jessamyn. There will never be enough words for the gifts you've given us the past 3 years. You're a blessing & I hope your WA friends understand how dope you are <3

Lipscomb_2018-4 copy.jpg
Oh you're gonna suck on my ear?

Oh you're gonna suck on my ear?

I got you too.

I got you too.

Lipscomb_2018-12 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-26 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-30 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-38 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-40 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-44 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-54 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-58 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-60 copy.jpg
Had to let him be free for a little bit.

Had to let him be free for a little bit.

Lipscomb_2018-70 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-74 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-76 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-80 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-84 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-92 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-94 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-96 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-112 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-98 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-122 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-130 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-132 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-134 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-140 copy.jpg
Lipscomb_2018-142 copy.jpg


Dress: Nordstrom Rack

Necklace: Bead Beautiful