Birth Bag - 2nd Edition

Can someone explain to me why the actual act of packing the birth/hospital bag is so anticipated?? I know for myself, it just makes me even more excited because that means I’m giving birth super soon. Like if it wasn’t already real, this is setting the tone.

For this second time around though, it’s almost like I’m packing for the first time again but with experience. Does that make sense? Different circumstances call for different things..



With Jackson, we planned for a hospital birth. & with hospital births, you're told to plan for a 48 hour stay, at least with your first. So as a result, you pack extra. With the Birth Center, we will be leaving the building 6-8 hours after I have Miles. Also, the Birth Center allows food. In fact, they encourage it with a mini fridge in the room.

For Jackson's hospital bag, click HERE.



I overpacked with Jackson. Point blank. You know that weekend bag everyone has for longer trips? Well I used that for mine & Matt's bag PLUS an additional one for Jackson. I know - overpacked. With this being my 2nd time, I now know what I used, didn't use, etc.





COMING HOME GOWN [1] - Same Dwell & Slumber gown I wore home when we brought Jackson home.

HEADBAND [1] -  Can’t predict what my hair will be doing so I’ll keep my trusty go-to available. & I already always have a hair tie on my wrist.

WATER BOTTLE [1] -  Either bringing my insulated bottle with straw & no handle or my clear one from the hospital with a handle. I will say a bottle with a handle & bendy straw is CLUTCH when it comes to nursing because with the limited movement.

BRAS [2] - Not necessarily nursing bras but I’m choosing to go with super loosing sports bras because I find them to be extremely comfortable & still functional. The 2 I’m bringing are my BaoBei Adore bra & Calvin Klein bra. Both black - duh.

WRAP [1] - Last time, I brought a Velcro belly band to start the SnapBack process & honestly, I’m not a fan of it. Not the process & mindset but the product. Now I have my active belly band from BaoBei that I’ve been running in (& loving) & it doubles as a PP recovery as well. Slides on rather than having to wrap around. & the biggest difference factor between my old wrap & this band is the flexibility factor. I can sit comfortably in my band without it constricting me or needing to be readjusted, unlike the wrap.

DIAPERS [3] - No, this isn‘t in the wrong section. CBP will provide me with those glorious mesh undies but I’m still gonna be prepared with my adult diapers. No shame.

LOTION [1] - I’m just anticipating being ashy & self conscious after washing off. 

LANOLIN CREAM [1] - Nursing will begin immediately so better safe than sorry. 

SNACKS [?] - Unlike in the hospital, I can have ALL the snacks. They even have a mini fridge in the room! So we’ll be bringing Gatorade, pop tarts & whatever else I feel like!

CHARGER [1] - Even though we don’t anticipate a stay longer than 8 hours, gotta stay ready for anything! Long cord & everything.




GOING HOME OUTFIT [1] - Easy enough. Same outfit we brought J home in.

OUTFITS [2] - Depends on his actual size so bring a couple NB & 0-3. 

EXTRAS [2] - Even though we’re in the South, can’t be too prepared with a newborn. So we’re bringing the same NOXX beanie we brought J home in & some NB socks. 

COVERS [2] - Gotta wrap this babe in something so bringing his octopus swaddle as well as a heavier, small blanket. Just in case. 

DIAPER [1] - I do plan to use the disposables the Center offers right out the gate. Simply because they are on hand & smaller in size so they won’t interact with his super fragile umbilical cord stub. But if we’re able to get him in cloth one before the trip home, I’ll be prepared.

CAR SEAT COVER [1] - This was CLUTCH bringing J home. Kept his car seat covered, dark & protected leaving the hospital. It acted like an extra barrier to people trying to peek their head in his face.



BIRTHING TUB SHORTS [1] - YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Matt said he would get in the birthing tub with me

GOING HOME OUTFIT [3] - Sweatpants, underwear & an extra shirt. The basics.

PLASTIC BAG [1] - Just a grocery store bag to hold our wet clothes from the birthing tub.


[J will not be coming to the Birth Center with us however, he will have a separate bag for whomever he ends up spending these hours with. They will get basically 2 of his daycare diaper bags]

EXTRA DIAPERS [16] - For daycare [5-7 hours], I normally send him with 8 diapers. So they’ll get closer to 16. Also 2 wet bags to compensate.

FOOD [?] - A full tupperware of tortellini or mac & cheese along with a few of his containers of snacks. Also his water bottle & a fork.

CLOTHES [2] - He normally gets 1 change of clothes so I’ll pack 2.

ENTERTAINMENT [2] - Fully charged iPad with downloaded movies & games.



The Charleston Birth Place has also sent me a list of things they provide for myself & my family in our suite (towels, pillows, laboring tools, etc) so we don’t need to bring additionals or multiples.

We also have no intention of bringing a toiletries bag because again, we will not be staying that long. Not like there’s a chance - they literally don’t have the space to hold us longer unless there’s an emergency. In that case, we always have our personal toiletries bags packed at home & will have someone bring them to us, along with additional items, in a hospital.

So there you have it! We’ll see how this all plays out & what I learn I don’t need [again].