What's in my Hospital Bag?


I’ve asked numerous Mommas on 1. what they’ve packed, 2. what they actually used & 3. what they WISH they would have packed. This list is in NO WAY the ‘End All, Be All’ of Hospital Bag Lists. It’s just what I think I will end up using / needing (possibly just making sure I have the option which sounds very close to ‘over-packing’). Lovely.

First things firstBE UNDER THE IMPRESSION YOU’RE STAYING 2 NIGHTS AT THE HOSPITAL. It could not be the case but it’s better to be prepared for these things rather than not. 

Second, & something I didn’t even consider but makes total sense, is to have 2 separate bags – 1 for baby & 1 for Momma & Dad (possibly even separate bag for Dad if you feel so inclined)





Because you need a large bag to carry everything in – duh! Bought this via IG & has been my handy-dandy weekend bag over the past years. Thank you, VOORAY!


Because I do NOT want to bring my gorgeous baby into the world in some stale, paper gown that lets the ultimate breeze in. I chose a basic, cheap black sleeping Tshirt from Walmart. Also chose black for WHEN it comes in contact with all of the fluids, it won’t stain nor will really be seen.


Because I’ll probably end up giving birth in just this, if not it’ll be the only thing I wear after the birth – won’t want to wear any kind of pants & provides the easiest access for breastfeeding.

Nursing Bra

Because breastfeeding starts ASAP – might as well get used to how they work now!

Granny Panties

Because you’re not going to want to ruin your good / decent underwear for this trip. Every woman has those panties in the back of her drawer reserved for heavy-flow days or days you’re just not feeling it.. DON’T YOU EVEN LIE! Pull those suckers out. You won’t be sad to see them go.

Socks / Slippers

Because hospital floors are COLD! You’re not going to want to walk around barefoot all the time so grab some socks with the little grippies or some slippers to make life a little easier.

Going Home Outfit

Because you’ll probably want something fresh (& clean) to wear on your way out of the hospital. I’ll be going with the loose fitting button-up dress-ish thing. Everything must be nursing friendly, right? I got this tunic from H&M. 

PostPartum Girdle

Because I want to help my uterus start to shrink back to its normal size as soon as possible. Call me shallow but I’m just being honest with myself! Shout-out to B.F.F. Belly Bandit & to my actual Bestie, Josh,  for getting it for me!


Because I know my crazy hair will need to be put up eventually & I ALWAYS have a headband in reach


Because you have to keep up your regimen even if baby is on its way out. There’s no time limit so continue your medicine schedule.

Electrolyte Drink

Because water is awesome but you’ll need something to replace that energy you’re exerting to push a watermelon through your keyhole.



Camera & Charger

Because I want images of this very raw & honest event about to happen but don’t want to pay an arm & a leg for it..


Because you think it’s obvious but you’d be surprised.. Make sure EVERYONE has their ID, wallets, Insurance card & copies of your admission paperwork (even if you’ve already turned it in)

Tech Goodies

Because when the phones die, people will go crazy. Bring the chargers, iPads, Tablets, etc. No timeline so come prepared. Or even headphones & a book if you’re not tech crazed like me.

Blanket & 2 Pillows

Because you want to be as comfortable as possible, right? It’s debatable if this is too much you KNOW hospital pillows go flat after touching them & their blankets feel like they could stand on their own. Think of those planning to stay with you in the hospital!


Because you’ll probably spend more than 1 day in the hospital & you’ll want to brush your teeth & wash your face like a normal person. Both for you & Daddy!

Snacks / Cash

Because you will get hungry. Whether you’re allowed to eat in labor or not (I’ve heard both sides), your group will need food. Have both snacks & cash on hand for those super awesome vending machines.

Pictures / Sayings

Because after talking to my Doula, this is exactly what I need to do. Mantras & affirmations have been SO helpful to me throughout this pregnancy so when I feel like I’m in Hell, it’ll be nice to have everyone say them to me. Also I’ll be bringing a photo of my Momma to display somewhere in the room. Cue emotional breakdown & all that follows for myself, Paige & Auntie Barbara. 




Diaper Bag

Because Nugget deserves his own bag for his first day of existence outside, right? I ADORE my Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag – it’s massive for all J’s things, has separate compartments built in & it’s fashionable enough to just be my purse like a Mary Poppins Bag.

Receiving Blanket

Because besides your own skin, this will be the first fabric to touch your darling bundle. Make sure it’s soft enough for baby to handle & aesthetically pleasing enough to you because you’ll probably have A LOT of pictures of it (just me?). Thank you, Aden + Anais  for making such great swaddles & blankets for new nuggets!! We also have another massive swaddle from Modern Burlap that I adore! & both on Organic Cotton Muslin!


Because even though the hospital will provide you with a few, you can really never have enough, especially for piece of mind. We’ll also be bringing a few of our Cloth Diapers from Lil’ Bums to test them out in the hospital. Maybe we could bring him home in one!

Going Home Outfit

Because I’m going to want him to look SO STINKIN ADORABLE on his first day home, duh! I’ve packed 2 outfits (newborn & 0-3 months because we won’t truly know his size until he’s here). 


Because little accessories could be needed? I’m packing a couple beanies & socks because J will be born in the middle of Winter & keeping his heat retained is THE most important thing. I’m packing a couple infant beanies from NOXX Beanies because I wanted J to be in something that didn’t have ears & was pretty much designed with a grown man in mind

Car Seat

Because DUH! Like I said before, at least with Naval, they won’t let you leave unless you have a car seat.




Because Daddy may want to feel fresh being in a hospital. Pack a pair of pants, undies, socks & a tshirt, just in case.

Pillow / Blanket

Because he’ll need it for the camp out on the couch. Whether you decide YOU want one for yourself (you’ll have the hospital give you these items), you’re not going to want to see your hubby curled on the couch shivering.


So there you have it, guys! We’ll see what I actually use, regret bringing or wish I brought.