How We Do Beach Days Pregnant with a Toddler

I'm back with an entry I've really been looking forward to creating: beach days with my beach babe. We've only had one so far & I definitely learned a lot!

As most of you know, my best friend Josh flew to WA from VA to help Jackson & I fly back across the country & get established in our new home. His 31st birthday was during this trip & we decided to make our first beach day on his birthday. Not only would our move to SC have been possible without him, neither would this beach trip.


All items are linked at the end.



We know my Veer wagon is the but it's definetly a pretty penny. I couldn't wait to get it on legit sand to see how it held up & it surpassed with flying colors. Fun note: I was also complimented on how incredible it looked from strangers so yeah, it's kind of big deal :) Nevertheless, carrying everything out to the beach from the parking lot with my pregnant waddle & toddler requires some assitance. Any wagon would suffice to carry your small child & all your goodies. Also saves you from making all those trips back & forth from the car.

End of the day when J was so exhausted, he passed out in the wagon on the way back to the car.

End of the day when J was so exhausted, he passed out in the wagon on the way back to the car.


When you think of beach days, you immediately think of spread out on a towel on the sand soaking up some rays, right? Well that was the plan until my 6 months pregnant butt sat on the ground for 3 minutes & realized this wasn’t a thing. There is an umbrella & chair rental option but we learned it has to be reserved early or they will sell out. So either do your research prior or have a “spot”. I managed to create one under the pier where it was shaded & I could stay close to the water to watch.

Seriously, best spot.

Seriously, best spot.


People of color do burn. I’m just gonna say it now. It’s been a few years since I’ve experienced it but it’s 100 possible. I can’t remember the last time I used it in WA but it’s essential in this SC life. & now with J & his sensitive baby skin, gotta get the baby block on deck as well. My rookie status showed when I didn’t realize his needed to be reapplied every 80 min 🤦🏽‍♀️ No melanin skin was harmed this day. But Babyganics has been our jam since J’s first Summer.


When I learned that sitting in the direct sun wasn’t a thing, I also realized Josh was my saving grace. Turns out, Jackson is a beach bum through & through. There is no way I would have been able to entertain him while keeping an eye on our things & not run out of breath. Josh spent most of the time out with J & it was great to see them bond even more.



Jackson isn’t much of a “meal eating” child. He literally snacks all day & runs around. Only sits fresh after a nap or bedtime. So we stay ready with the snacks. Not to mention I’m getting more pregnant every day, we’ve just started to share. Thanks to our bomb waterproof , I can keep our snacks dry & secure. Not to mention it’s stupid cute!


We are a hardcore cloth diaper family. J’s been in them since week 1 & we don’t plan on stopping until he’s potty trained (hopefully that entry follows soon!). So naturally, we’re about the reusable swim diaper life as well. This day, he’s wearing his 6 months old pair 🤦🏽‍♀️ but since they snap, I just made them super loose & they basically fit haha. I’ve ordered him 4 more since this day so we’ll be better prepared for the rest of Summer.  

This happy kid..

This happy kid..




Recently, I was told of carrying baby powder in your beach bag for sand removal. In theory, you put it on your babe once back to the car (away from sand), dust off & it removes most of the sand remaining 😱 Worth a try, right? 


Rookie mistake! It seems obvious to take beach toys to the beach but this being our first family excursion, we weren’t entirely sure how Jackson would react. Turns out he’s obsessed with the water, not so much sand. BUT when we did manage to get him back to camp for snack breaks, he went towards others toys. Lesson learned: bringing our own. 

The walk back out with everything sand filled & a tired baby was MUCH easier with the wagon..

The walk back out with everything sand filled & a tired baby was MUCH easier with the wagon..


So there you have it! Our beach day in a snap & what I learned for next time (because there will be plenty of next times..) 

Happy beaching!


Wagon: Veer Cruiser

Waterproof bag: Logan & Lenora (banana leaf / Hobo style)

Swim diapers: Alva Baby

Blanket: Sand Cloud 

J’s hooded towel: Little Unicorn

Baby block: Babyganics