2018 5k's

Remember how I set a goal to register & run a 5k every month this year? It started out as a family thing with all 3 of us (Matt, Jackson & myself) but it has since turned into something US 3 do (myself, Jackson & Miles) :)

I've done my best to get images of each race, whether professional race photo or my own. I didn't time any because that wasn't important to why I was running. The first half of the year, I ran my races in WA then continued to race in my move to SC - yup, managed to keep it going! I’m a stubborn person so once I say something is happening, it better happen haha. If you want to see all the pictures together on Instagram, follow the hashtag #mommalipsruns

Enjoy my year of running road races!




Our first family race! We decided on the Resolution Run Series by the local Y because it was $40 for 4 races! Plus, it's a 'resolution run' - like New Year Resolution? Holding people accountable & stuff. Made sense.. It rained the entire race but had to start somewhere! Also found out I was pregnant days after so turns out I actually made a goal to run a race every month of my pregnancy O_O





First race knowing I was pregnant, it rained again & J slept the entire race. Also finish first female & 2nd overall :)


SWEETHEART 5K [2.10.18]


2nd stroller overall, gorgeous weather the entire race was extremely nostalgic to road races with Dad. This race was put on by local girl scouts but you could tell it was also a practice race for local runners. There was a father-son duo close by at the beginner & I could hear the Dad giving his son a talk about what his splits should be & so on. I found myself just staring at Jackson & smiling ear to ear thinking of all the times I had been that kid growing up & I couldn't wait for Jackson to grow up.



No race this month.





Final race of of the Resolution Run series by the Local Y. Got my girlfriend, Zubia, to join with her new babe for her first ever 5k. Walked the entire thing but it was fine. Still made it out!


DOLPHIN DASH [4.14.18]


Another rainy race day [like it rained the entire race] but I got another friend, Sara, to join us with her babe. ALSO, this was my first race not pushing Jackson! Matt came out to support & entertain J so I could actually run since I didn't get to the week before. Definitely had to pee the entire time!



WANDERLUST [5.19.18]


This beautiful day of intention. Wanderlust was a yoga festival I went to with my dear friend, Melanie, as part of my annual yoga trip for my Momma. This one just happen to include a 5k in this mindful triathlon. Honestly, I had NO intention of running this 5k because my gut was really starting to show but I decided to hop in last minute & ended up feeling incredible the entire time! No pictures during the race but still a great day.



No race this month.



IOP BEACH RUN [7.21.18]


First South Carolina race & very first beach run & it did not disappoint! Definitely had to stop a couple times during the last mile & had to physically hold up my gut but we made it! Got our friend, Brittanee her babe Amber, to join us & we got all the "YOU GO, MOMMAS!" because surprise, we're both visibly pregnant haha.



HAPPY HOUR 5K [8.23.18]


Got back to our original plan & ran the race as a family. My 35 weeks self ran the entire race with assistance of Matt pushing J beside me. & I FELT IT THE NEXT DAY. Like my vag had been kicked in. But I ran it in 33 min so that is a win in my book!



LABOR DAY 5K [9.3.18]


Final pregnant race completed & probably best feeling to date. Didn't stop at all, paced myself beautifully & even won my age group with just over 31 min! Shoutout to Matt for making me stay consistent with walking every morning & BaoBei Maternity for this incredible band that made it so much more comfortable to run!





FIRST POSTPARTUM RACE! The plan was to NOT run a race this month because, ya know, just gave birth A MONTH ago. But I was feeling pretty bomb [& also started running again 2 weeks after giving birth so it wasn’t a cold shock] - ran in just over 26 min. Originally, Matt had registered for this race but because he’s now upping his milage, he didn’t want to run a measly 3 miles [WHICH I TOLD HIM NOT TO HATE ON] so I took his place & he was on the sidelines with the boys because a great cheerleader :D Also didn’t realize how massive of a race this was. For whatever reason, I thought this would be a little bit bigger than your local weekend 5k.. NAH! But I did also make a new friend, Marie! She was out with her parents who were also participating in the race. We connected again afterwards & since have decided joined forces for the Gobble Wobble Matt & I were already planning to run & an additional race in December for myself. & once again, running is bringing people together :)



46514584_10161443029190647_1173332344543641600_n (1).jpg

Matt & I ran this race as our first race together 5 years ago so it’s pretty awesome to run it again now as a married couple. Grandpa watched the boys while we both got to run solo! I ran a solid 26 time & felt great but am HELLA stoked to get my double stroller in a couple weeks! Planning to run with both boys for the December races 🏃🏽‍♀️



REINDEER RUN [12.8.18]


First duallie race with the boys & it’s was great! Had to start in the very back with the other strollers & pups so weaving through the first mile was ROUGH but still managed to run a sub 9 pace the entire way! Very grateful for this weather shield because it was a mixture of drizzle & wind at the beginning & the boys would have been miserable. Cocoa Cup next weekend!

Cocoa cup 5k [12.15.18]

The one race image I found of myself is when Matt was jogging me in the final 100 meters & he’s READJUSTING HIMSELF! Couldn’t have been a better capture hahaha

The one race image I found of myself is when Matt was jogging me in the final 100 meters & he’s READJUSTING HIMSELF! Couldn’t have been a better capture hahaha

This was definitely my favorite 5k of the year. Not because it was the final race of the year but it was SO well done! Matt & I both received super nice Nike hoodies with our registration & there was PLENTY of organized parking. Because it was called the Cocoa Cup, they were handing out complimentary cups of it at the end & it was LEGIT cocoa. Not that mix with water garbage - this was rich & hot! I ran with the boys starting from the back & the first mile sucked [friendly tip to other runners: if you hear someone yell LEFT, move to the right.] I did end up cutting a few people off because they either had headphones on & didn’t hear me, didn’t know what it meant or just chose to completely ignore me. But no biggie.. It felt really, really good & that’s all that matters.

I made this goal to register & run a 5k every month of 2018. I succeeded [missed a couple months due to lack of a race but ran 2 the previous or following month] & ran even after finding out I had become pregnant & giving birth. No exception! I’m beyond proud of myself for following through with this. With each race, I wasn’t actually racing [I’ve had this conversation with Matt multiple times. I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually race ever again but running is my shit.] To actual race takes the fun out of running again & I don’t want to go down that path again. Running is fun to me & running these ‘races’ with the boys brings that back to me - no pressure.

Next year, the goal is to up the milage & run 10k’s O_O & run a half marathon during the Summer [we’ll see if I push the boys]. Creating this goal serves more than 1 purpose again. It’s not just to run & stay in shape. Running clears my mind & helps me decompress in a weird way. This serves as a mental health check-in for myself. It gets me out of the house & breathing fresh air. It gets me comfortable with going places with both boys. It puts me in a new community of like-minded people. 2018 was great & I attribute that success to running. With a new running goal set for 2019, it can only bring more goodness :D

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