Postpartum Stations - Why You Need Them & What's Included


So you just had a baby & you're obviously limited in movement, let alone getting things for yourself. I discovered Postpartum stations after having J & simultaneously naming them 'breastfeeding stations' back when I thought I'd be nursing in him specific places. HA! I NURSE WHEN & WHERE I WANT! But I digress. These are designated spots in your home where you can rest with/without your new babe & relax. You shouldn't have to go gather things & prep them when you really shouldn't be moving that much in the first place. Maybe it's the planner in me but this just makes sense.

WHY DO I NEED THEM? (Yes, that's plural)

You won't be staying in one spot for the next couple months tending to your fresh babe & recuperating body. So why keep everything in one spot? Especially in a multilevel house, you'll need stations. Personally, I have 2 - one beside my bed & one downstairs on the far side of the couch next to a side table & the changing area. Both are designated as MY AREAS, have a phone charger & a flat space for me to put whatever TF I want.

Also decide where you want them to be & be realistic. Whether it's smack in front of your living room tv, hidden in a closet with easy access or putting one in every room - consider all your options. Personally, having a basket of my goodies on each floor & letting Matt know where said basket is is all I need. That & a phone charger with a table for me to place my water bottle.




Last time, I took every mesh underwear set I could find in that hospital room. Not gonna lie - they were bomb! But I couldn't help but feel like things were gonna fall out at any time because there's SO MUCH STUFF in your underwear & it's mesh. Then it dawned on me - adult diapers!! Now bear with me, the concept of a diaper is to catch leaks, right? Well, that's basically a large part of your immediate PP journey. & you can pack a decent amount in them to. Don't knock them till you try them. 


I definitely will be using these to make padsicles. You'll want a very long WINGLESS pad (covers the top of vag to the back of butt), spread some aloe vera, witch hazel & a few drops of lavender, close up, wrap in tin foil then freeze. Put in underwear every time you go pee & it'll be like heaven in your pants. YA WELCOME. I normally stock up - keep at least 1 weeks worth in the freezer at all times.


The necessities you honestly need but don't consider until it's too late. The phone charger is more directed towards the location of where your station is. Make sure you have one that is for you & only you.


I kept a small sample size one in my breast pump kit so after every.single.use, I applied the cream & I NEVER had cracked nipples. I plan to do the same & even got larger bottles because Momma did not come to play. These nips are valuable. You're more than welcome to keep your breast pump at a station as well. Mine will be downstairs closest to the fridge.


You can leave this in the bathroom if you want but I found this to be VITAL. What you do is fill this with warm to hot water then spray it down on your vag while you pee for the first few days. Sounds weird but it helps those that have ripped. The heat from the water helps your body relax & allows yourself to pee. You KNOW you're gonna clench & not pee when you start to feel the burn on the wound so this blessing in disguise assists with that. Again, hot water - not that fresh out the faucet nonsense. Sitz baths can do essentially the same thing but I preferred this through trial & error.


IF YOU DON'T GET ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS LIST, GET THIS. I can't remember where or how I found out about Dermoplast but have mercy, BLESS THEM. This can of goodness literally makes me run in circles around the bathroom after application for 5 seconds but if it's not the greatest piece of info. You do the quickest spray on your who-ha front to back. IT WILL STING LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER once you actually hit the tear but then you don't feel A THING for hours. Kind of self-inflicting but it helped me feel ok with moving around again.


Self explanatory. Take accordingly & all that jazz.


So this shouldn't be in your basket. This should actually be on your person at all times. I brought home the massive clear water bottle with a handle & bendy straw they give you in the hospital & it never left my side that first month. It stayed filled & fresh (thanks boo). The main reason you need to keep this on you AT ALL TIMES is because should you choose to breastfeed, your body is depleting itself of liquid by the hour & you need to replenish as it exits. Basically, drink from your bottle as the baby eats / you pump. Seriously. It sounds like work but it'll be worth it.

So there you have it. Standard stuff I wish I knew my first time around but you live & learn. I'm 38 weeks & have my stations prepped & ready to go! Hope this helps anyone wanting to know how to continue to take care of themselves as well as a newborn because lets face it - can't take care of another if you're not ok to begin with.