Miles' Birth Story

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Let me preface this by saying this took entirely too long to type out. I kept getting writers block for some reason & said something to Matt about it.. His response was “Is it as difficult to get out as he was?” My husband, ladies & gentleman.

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Tuesday evening at 9:20pm, Matt & I became parents of 2 boys. Honestly, I’m still in shock it all happened so quickly.. Miles Harrison Lipscomb came Earthside via water birth at Charleston Birth Place just as I had planned all these months. 

I had been waiting for these contractions for over a week. Jackson was born at 39 weeks to the day & in theory, first borns are born the latest with the longest labors. So here I am thinking since I had J a week early with an 11 hour labor, I’m gonna pop Miles out no problem. NAH!

 The week before I actually went into labor, I was in early labor & there was a hurricane warning for the state 🙃 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, still high & just chillin.. Up until then, I was trying just about everything to get this labor into high gear. But once that warning came around & it became a possibility that I’d have to give birth in a hospital, that was put on hold. Thankfully, Miles made no moves to make his appearance during the hurricane or the 39 week mark. My emotions were ALL over the pace because as much as I love being pregnant, I had reached my quota.


Tuesday morning, the 24th, 1 day before my due date, my contractions picked up again around 10am & became regular around 11:30. Because I’d been super anxious the week before, I immediately started timing them, just to see how long they were lasting. After a couple hours, they were consistently staying at 45-60 secs long at 6 min apart. I could still easily talk through them so I wasn’t getting too concerned. My plan was to labor at home as long as possible then make our way to the Birth Place once they got significantly stronger. What could toss things up was what we would do with J. Obviously, he wouldn’t be coming to the Birth Place with us but I didn’t want to drop him on someone just for it to be a false alarm..

Around 4, I decided to go for a walk around the block by myself. Throughout the day, I realized sitting stalled out my contractions. Also, my midwife said walking wasn’t great for initiating labor but more to keep it going. So I was walking.. I decided to call the midwife line to just talk to them & tell them how my contractions were progressing. While on the phone, I had about 4 contractions that I talked through. They said I could either continue to wait them out for another couple hours or I could come in to get checked. Once I got back home, I told Matt we were gonna head to the Center to get me checked BUT I was keeping it in my head that they somehow weren’t going to admit me yet. That my body had somehow gone backwards & labor was still days away hahaha. We packed J, his diaper bags & my birth bag in the van & headed out. Of course, we hit traffic & I was worried my contractions would stall in the car but it was kind of ok because had we waited longer, traffic further into labor would have SUCKED.

At the Birth Place, they checked me & I was 5cm, 90% effaced & very consistent contractions. The midwives said he was coming tonight & honestly, I was shook hahaha. There we were in this little room - my midwife, myself, Matt & J. We were going to become a family of 4 by tonight. Then reality hit me like “Where is J going?” We decided Matt would tame him to one of our friends house for the night. She runs the daycare he goes to everyday so it would essential,y be like second nature for him to be there. I called her, informed her & she had no problem so off Matt went. He was gone for just over an hour & in that hour, my contractions got STRONG. I could still talk through them a little but by the time he got back, they were starting to take my breath away. 

I had been admitted to 1 of the 2 rooms they have & I paced for hours. Sitting was uncomfortable. Standing was uncomfortable. Walking was the only relief I felt between the contractions. Once Matt got back, I had the midwives check me again - still 5cm but completely effaced. The contractions were coming on less than every 5 minutes with a vengeance & taking my breath away. Bless Matt for recommending different laboring positions to make me as comfortable as possible. We ended up having Matt sit on the edge of the bed & I would deep squat facing him with our hands crossed & locked between us, Matt literally holding my dead weight up.

The midwives were in & out saying it sounded like I was getting closer & that I was welcome to get into the tub whenever I felt comfortable. At 8:15pm, I made the decision to get in & I IMMEDIATELY felt the difference! The buoyancy was remarkable - so much of the weight & pressure was immediately relieved. Not gonna lie, I was concerned my labor would stall out a little & for 10 min, it did. But they picked up right after that initial change & we were back in business.  

I stayed in the tub solo for maybe 30 min? Honestly, the concept of time & everything else becomes a blur at this point because HELLO, I’m about to give birth. At some point, Matt got in the tub with me & sat on the seat where we assumed the same laboring position we had on the bed. & also, Ruta showed up like the silent photographer she is & started taking pictures right away.

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So this is when things got really real. I could feel everything that was happening. No drugs. Just had to fully surrender & for whatever reason, I was having the hardest time with it. I was trying to breathe, Matt was reminding me to relax my face & jaw, etc but nothing was happening.. The midwives are checking Miles’ heart rate after each contraction, checking his position, adding more hot water.. At one point, I could literally feel Miles drop into his position & it was on. The sounds coming out of my mouth changed. The amount of pressure on my lower back was excruciating (I started yelling for someone to push on my back which helped a little). I started pushing like I was pooping in the pool & he was staring to come out but at not nearly the speed it felt like. I could feel ALL the stretching & I started to panic just a tad hahaha. I specifically remember crying to Matt & the midwives to get him out NOW! That I needed him out immediately. Then I felt what I swore was a rip & the panic jumped 1000 notches. Honestly, I felt like I was screaming from the nerves, the pressure on my back, the feeling of my crotch stretching & squeezing out this life..

Then in 1 final push, I felt the biggest rush of adrenaline & relief at once. Miles was born still in his bag of waters - my water never broke. The midwives then passed him under my legs to me & I saw my 2nd son for the first time. That head full of hair, even more than his brother. I tried to hold him close to my chest but immediately felt the tug. Turns out the reason I was having such a hard time pushing him out was because his umbilical cord was significantly shorter. So short, I couldn’t even have him on my chest right after 😔

But even though I didn’t get to hold him initially like I wanted, I still had him in my arms & that was what I wanted more than anything these past couple weeks. He was just as pale as J but had even more hair than him. He was a full pound heavier with a nice round head, 10 fingers, 10 toes & the sweet cry. Matt cut his cord & while they were grabbing a towel to wrap him, the midwife held him in the water where he spread out all his limbs & immediately relaxed [give me all the water babes]. 

Next came the placenta delivery which I did on our bed. Matt got SO much skin to skin time with Miles & it was like falling in love with him all over again, same feeling as when he first held Jackson. & much like with J’s delivery, the aftermath [stitching] was worse than the birth itself. With Miles, the birth was great but delivering my placenta & massaging out my deflated gut was unbearable. Because I was so sensitive & refused to let them touch me again, I ended developing a decent sized blood clot causing the extreme pain. During the final hour of labor, birth & directly afterwards, I was getting terrible legs cramps so the midwives we re getting slightly concerned. A new midwife entered & told me I could help myself by emptying my bladder so I went to pee & I literally watched the blood clot, which was the size of half a fist, fall out. I felt so much better afterwards. Still wasn’t letting anyone touch me but I felt better than before.

This whole time, Matt was getting skin to skin with Miles & I hadn’t. They offered him to me but I knew better. I denied because I knew I wouldn’t be able to securely hold him while in that pain. But after I peed out the clot, I got to hold my sweet 2nd son & have my first nursing session.


The midwives went over our paperwork, newborn care & next future appointments. At this point, it had to be around midnight so we decided to sleep for a couple hours. Around 3am, we decided to leave the Birth Place & head home. Besides the birthing tub, being able to leave the center so soon after was the next reason. It was the middle of the night & Miles was literally 6+ hours old but we were going back home to start our transition to being a family of 4.

The recovery at home & not in a hospital was pretty different than what I expected but I’ll get into that in a later post. Bottom line, my birthing experience with Charleston Birth Place was nothing short of great. Since I found out I was pregnant, I knew a water birth was in my future. I out in the work to contact them, make sure insurance was where it needed to be & followed through for my dream birth. If this taught me anything, it was to stay true to myself & be adamant about my wants. I got my experience & my baby boy. We love you so, Monster Miles!


- Miles Harrison Lipscomb -

 - September 24th, 2018 9:20pm -

- 8 1 oz - - 21.5 in -

Photography by Ruta Smith Photography