How to Create A Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

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As intentional as I’ve actually tried & put effort into being in my own life, I haven’t really tried with the boys. Not saying it hasn’t happen because it has! But the purposeful efforts I made for me just sort of spilled over into everything else in my life, including the boys stuff. That’s why you see the boys in a lot of the same outfits!

Making a Capsule Wardrobe wasn’t my intention but it kind of just happened.. I’m used to doing loads of laundry [yes, that’s plural] everyday mainly because we cloth diaper but I knew I didn’t want to add to that never ending mountain with extra clothes. Because I’ve been doing this with myself, building the boys closet felt like second nature however it did take some planning. I haven’t mastered it to the point where I purchase a season ahead, although I have no doubt I will get that way eventually.

Below I have a few TIPS to help you work on a Capsule Wardrobe for you babe[s]!



Both Matt & I have never been ones to really wear lots of patterns. Besides flannel, it’s rare you’ll find us in things with crazy patterns [except my Elephant Pants]. I’ve applied the same concept to Jackson & Miles. I keep in mind I want EVERY ITEM to be interchangeable. Solid colors are easier to mix & match than lots of different patterns. For example, I got the boys THESE striped pj’s for Christmas & that’s pretty much the extent of pattern in their wardrobe currently. Pretty much all of Miles’ onesies are also baseball T styles [is that a pattern?]



I wear the color grey like it is my job. Black is the runner up then shades of blue. For the boys, black & grey are their base colors. Think of shoes & accessories - keep them simple & build from there. Jackson has basically 1 pair of shoes for each season & currently, they’re his black Converses. During the Summer, it’s his brown Birks lookalikes. He also has THIS black jacket & a jean jacket we got from a friend, all his bottoms are 1 of 3 colors.



Because both boys are in cloth diapers, jeans are little more difficult to fit [& Miles is a baby & I’m he has no need for jeans]. Also Jackson’s favorite color is orange so we have THIS long sleeve in black, grey & orange. In our transition from chilly WA weather to questionably warm SC weather, I decided to be safe & get some light weight thermals & they’re now his staple piece.



Like I said earlier, it limits my laundry loads so obviously I want that. Also, more items will mix & match when having to grab a random item. From the beginning, I’ve always wanted my kids to look like ‘little adults’ when they were small. Like no childish prints of animals or modes of transportation [you know this if you’ve tried to buy clothes for the boys in the past. This is nothing new to you guys lol]. We do have a few onesies & shirts that were gifted to us by people that HAD TO but I make the conscious effort to not have the boys leave the house in them - basically they’re ‘house clothes’. Also maintaining a Capsule Wardrobe for the boys helps with impulse buys because I know everyone’s needs are already met so there’s no need for more.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Checklist to make it even easier but I don’t even have one for my own kids. Because each kid is different as well as parents needs vary, there isn’t just one set list that you HAVE to follow. Figure out what works for your family & work from there! is my go-to for all of the boys clothes for multiple reasons: they are a Mom-run business, every item is a basic color therefore making it extremely easy to mix & match items, they’re affordable & have so many different styles!


There are plenty of other factors in building capsule wardrobes: budgets, seasons, accessibility, etc. The wardrobe doesn’t have to be perfect but an overwhelming closet & drawers you have to stuff shut aren’t anyones favorite. Starting this process can only set you & your babe up for future cleanings & organization. Might as well take a crack at it.

Also this is definitely not an end all-be all list to a capsule wardrobe. Let this serve as a beginning step to purchasing purposeful clothes for your kids & making getting dressed easier! Have fun & good luck!