Our First CML SuperStars Experience

This past Sunday, we were able to attend the reopening of the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry after renovations for SuperStars. SuperStars is a program through CML that allows the museum to be open to special needs members & their family to explore the rooms without the complication of crowds & noise [basically a huge deal].

There’s only one way in & out of the building [except for fire exits] so parents can feel comfortable allowing their babe to run free to explore without disappearing. We had only been to 1 other Children’s museum & it was the one in Seattle. As great of a place as it was, it was MASSIVE & super easy to lose a kid in there. With CML, it’s literally a strip of connected rooms that lead to one another & only 8 rooms [outside was closed due to construction]. I don’t have pictures of every room because I was just so in awe of everything but that’s ok.

Having the opportunity to take our family & allow J to really explore like he wants is something we’d only hoped we’d come across, let alone have access to a place within 30 min & go every other Sunday. We’re slowly becoming more aware of the programs & classes we now have access to because of Jackson but we definitely don’t look at it as a gift. Please keep in mind these kind of operations are in place BECAUSE it’s more difficult to take him to standard places you would take a toddler.



Once I showed him how to push the grocery cart, there was no stopping him - & I was oddly proud that he drove it right to the bakery section! I definitely didn’t think this would be his favorite room but he was pretty into everything in here. I’ll thank Story Bots for this one, especially the food on the window that he danced with for 5 min :D

There was a row of shopping carts to push or hold along a wall, then shelves were you could pick your fruit, seafood, bread then even do your own self-checkout! Matt was impressed because everything was based off of Publix so some of the items were things we actually had at home!



This was the much anticipated water room that our therapists had told us about. Basically that it was so awesome, we’d need to bring an extra pair of clothes for J. So naturally, Matt & I are thinking it’s like a water park -_- Definitely not but still a great time. My personal favorite part was being able to paint on the walls with water but you could also ‘control’ the weather & the dams systems in the state.



Walking into the art room took me right back to my school days & I loved it so much. Putting a painting smock on J & watching him explore painting was by far the highlight to my day. & HE WAS SO PROUD OF HIMSELF! Of course, the paint on his hands made me super nervous but the smock was a lifesaver & the paint washed off super easy.


Even though this was a trip for J, there was also a room specifically for infants & toddlers that was was perfect for Miles! Plus, Matt & I tag teamed with the boys so when I was following J, Matt was wearing Miles. & when Matt wanted solo time with J, Miles & I went to the infant section. Seriously, this place is perfect for our family! Also Matt’s super incredible squat while baby-wearing. If that’s not attractive to you, who are you!?



For our first time at CML & attending SuperStars, we had an absolute blast! Meghan is great & remembered us from the pop-up shop we attended a couple weeks ago when they were doing renovations. We’re so grateful to have found yet another program that caters to kids like Jackson & makes it a little easier for us as parents to breathe while taking our kids out. We’ll absolutely be including this in our Sunday family events for the month & can’t wait to be back :)

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