Why Our Family Chooses SwimZip Suits for the Summer

If there’s one thing you need to know about our family, it’s that we love to be outside & around water in the sun. Thankfully with Matt being in the Navy, we’re fortunate to always be close to water. Even in WA, we were always obnoxiously close to some body of water but it was always freezing. Now moving to SC, we have that lukewarm water we’ve missed & with it, the hot, direct sun. 

Taking Jackson to the beach the few times my then very pregnant self last Summer, I learned he will stay in the water for the entire amount of time we’re there. If not, he’s running out just to run back in. Applying more sunblock during those quick runs in are almost impossible to I needed something to assist with that,


Enter SwimZip. It’s a company dedicated to spreading skin cancer awareness & keeping families safe in the sun. I first discovered SwimZip on SharkTank [because it’s legit one of my favorite shows] & that’s where I learned about the owner, Betsy Johnson. She was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26 but from the diagnosis, she created SwimZip. So OF COURSE, I had to get some for the boys - especially Jackson.



UPF 50+

This is the most attractive feature of the SwimZip collection. The fabric covers a lot of surface area but is also light enough to be breathable. I don’t have an issue putting my caramel babes in long sleeved pieces on the beach if it means they’ll have lower chances of getting leather skin when they’re older.


So as minor as this feature may seem, it’s a big deal to us. With Jackson, he has some sensory issues - fabrics aren’t his biggest hurdle but they do need to be acknowledged. The fact that he allowed me to roll up his sleeves a little was shocking. & also that the zipper has a little garage feature to tuck it in so it doesn’t touch or snag skin gives us some piece of mind.


This isn’t nearly a big deal but because I like to dress my boys a certain way, this could have been a deal breaker. But once I saw the banana leaf print, it was a done deal. Even though most patterns seem to busy or childish for my personal taste, I felt the banana leaf print was perfect for our family.

Was really hoping his first time crawling would happen at the beach..

Was really hoping his first time crawling would happen at the beach..

One of the only pictures I could get of the both of them at once

One of the only pictures I could get of the both of them at once

Long story short - SwimZip is now one of our favorite bathing lines that doubles as sun protection so we will figuratively & physically covered for the next few years we’re in SC. I definitely would recommend this line to all my friends with kids :)