Working From Home: How I Get Shit Done


For the past 2+ years, I’ve been working from home as a Media Consultant part time to full time for a company in DC. I get asked A LOT what my job is because I work from home hahaha. Nope - I’m not part of an MLM selling one of the many things from the convenience of my home but I do earn a living from my house. I lucked out & found a job in my degree that also gives me the flexibility to continue making babies & taking care of them without having to leave - even from another state!

As ideal as this is, it takes work & organization! Everyone is looking for jobs where you can work from home & they exist but I can understand why they’re hard to come by. Some take advantage of it & either aren’t available or just don’t follow through! I can confidently say that being a work from home Momma these past 2 years have given me sanity [something that doesn’t involve my kids] & a steady source of income [obvious contribution]. It’s not for everyone but I’m talking about my 5 things that successfully help me work from home & maintain my ‘balance’.


I am beyond lucky to have job that offers me flexibility with working from home. Without taking advantage of the telecommuting, communication it vital. I’ve been with this company for nearly 3 years but I still make sure the team knows well in advance of times I will not be available. Whether it be for random appointments, vacations or therapies - I make sure everyone is aware. I also figure out what work I’m capable of doing from my phone. Because my employer primarily uses Gmail, I’ve downloaded the appropriate apps to make it so I can be available & have access to files when away from my desk. If I’m running behind on projects or an available for extra ones, I send out the appropriate emails to inform everyone. I REALLY believe communication is the most underrated tool - I would much rather prefer to know something in advance than right before it’s due so why not treat everyone else the same??


Obviously, I have 2 kids & I NEED DAYCARE. Working with ANY kids in the house is ridiculously stressful. [Y’all remember when Jackson was pulling my computer cord out DAILY??] Especially when I’m researching & planning posts, I need complete concentration. Most days, the boys go to daycare for half a day, which is all I need everyday. Since I work part-time/full-time, I don’t need the kids to be gone all day every day. But especially since we’re loosing our GODSEND of a friend & our current daycare at the end of this year, my search is on for something else because I am NOT a Mom who can function/work with my kids at my feet. I need to plan shit out which leads to the next one..


If you’ve been following me for a couple years, you know how much I LOVE to bullet journal. I’ve fallen off a smidge but I try to write in it everyday & note things that need to be completed or have been completed. Writing in this multiple times a day to keep track of things to do makes the few hours I do get uninterrupted MAGIC. I don’t have to spend any wasted time staring at my computer like “ok what do I need to do?” & just hit the ground running. Things are always coming up & as I keep making kids, I need to stay as organized as possible. I’ve actually been debating going completely digital with a bullet journal too & fully using my iPad but until I fully commit, my trusty pen & paper will always be my bread & butter.



When I get the chance to sit down, I am lazer focused & will work nonstop for hours - really taking advantage of the working time I have. As a result, my brain will need a break after a very dense work session. I usually provide it with a break by doing one of my favorite, lazy, monotonous actions - doing laundry. Because we’re currently cloth diapering 2 kids with another on the way, there is always laundry to be done. I’m aware doing laundry [specifically putting it away] isn’t many people’s favorite but starting loads is part of the process. I find completing laundry very calming & a massive checkmark on my to-do list so I feel ready to complete more things. Call it weird but IDK because we always have clean clothes THAT ARE PUT AWAY so judge me if you want with your chair of clothes in the corner.


Probably what you’re here for, amirite?? When we bought this house, having a separate office space [that didn’t double has a guest room] was vital. The space needed to be big enough to fit my desk, computer chair, desktop & somewhere to put the printer. I’ve had big visions for this space because I knew I’d be spending a solid chunk of time in it so it needed to be functional yet aesthetically pleasing, much like the playroom. This room was originally a bedroom [not sure how because there isn’t a closet] but after I painted it & arranged my desk in the center [it’s a power position to face the center of the room or the door rather than a wall], it all came together. In here, I’ve added a full sofa so Matt can come in & talk to me while I work or the dogs can relax, a small book case that holds the printer & baskets of odds & ends, a wooden shelf to display pictures & later on plants & a tall [fake] plant in the corner to give me some life. It’s still a work in progress but it’s coming along beautifully. Also can’t forget the baby gate behind the door because I’m not a fan of a completely closed room but these kids need to stop unplugging my shit & going through my drawers.


I hope some of you can see how working from the comforts of your home is absolutely achievable as long as you take the necessary steps to help yourself succeed. Let me know if there’s something I may have missed or something you think is the most important for yourself! Happy working from home!

Because this is what I look like 90% of the time - staring at my phone. The joy of planning things from my mobile so I can work remotely :)

Because this is what I look like 90% of the time - staring at my phone. The joy of planning things from my mobile so I can work remotely :)

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