Looking to Get A More Satisfied Sleep?

I recently had a conversation with a friend about our kids sleeping through the night, or lack there of. The common topic of always being tired is a staple to any Motherhood conversation & it seems to never end! The level of exhaustion that we as Momma’s are pushed to & are still required to function normally is kind of magical but also concerning. But alas, this is parenting. Can you relate?? I’ve partnered with The Sleep Help Institute to list some tips to helping your little one get some sleep [& hopefully you too!]


Much like other parents, Matt & I have been asked multiple times what our bedtime routine for the boys is. Ours won’t match what you do for your but the point is to develop a routine. Much like with J’s Autism, routines are bread & butter. We have dinner, bath time, brush teeth, one of us reads a book to them then they go to bed. We started a routine with J back when we sleep trained him at 10 months with CIO & he’s slept like a rock since. Also because Matt & I decided to make these children TOGETHER, we split up the wake-ups, meaning we’ll trade off every other or make it work with shift changes. & because we know one of us will be getting the first wake up, it leads to my next point…

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Weighted blanket from  Harkla

Weighted blanket from Harkla


This doesn’t only apply to the kid. I also apply this to myself. In college, I was a night owl through & through! But after having kids [getting old], I struggle to stay up past 10. Whenever the kids are asleep, SO AM I. It’s not the ‘nap when the baby’ naps concept. It’s the ‘go to sleep because this is your only opportunity’ concept. “But this is my time to relax with my partner!” Something that has worked for US is understanding that sleep can never be sacrificed, not even for quality time together. With Matt’s every changing schedule & me being with the boys most of the day, limits are reached & sleeping helps recharge. At least for the first year, sleep comes first then we have the rest of our lives to stay up & watch shitty tv.



You can’t expect a kid who stayed inside doing practically nothing all day to magically fall asleep peacefully at the end of the day. It just doesn’t work that way. Whether it be physical activity or working on puzzles & projects, we need to work these kids during the day. Spend some time in the backyard, go on a walk, go visit someone, etc. Just go do something with your kids that gets you both out the house or out of your usual routine to change it up & drain some energy! Why else do you think we got Jackson 2 trampolines!? I mean, yeah it helps a lot with his therapy but those things are great energy burners.

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A different approach but let me explain. Matt & I came to the understand when we first got together that bedrooms were for sleeping, not watching tv, hanging out or playing. Bedrooms are for sleeping. As a result, we’ve never had a tv in our bedroom & it’s incredible. With the kids, we’ve applied the same concept - their room is for sleeping & that’s it. Meaning they have their beds, dresser, baby monitor, black out curtains & a little bag in the corner for decor but there are no toys. All of the kids toys are either in the living room our outside. Now you may think “where do you hide all the toys!?” & that’s another topic for another time but long story short, we don’t have a bazillion toys! They have what they need downstairs & their room is set for sleeping. That way they know - when we go into our room, it’s time to sleep, there’s no confusion. We also changed out the light in their room with a bluetooth bulb & it stays RED on the lowest brightness so that we can still see what we’re doing with them in there without the brightness of a standard bulb.

Names cutouts from  Sukah + Sai

Names cutouts from Sukah + Sai


I’m not gonna lie - I didn’t realize how crucial naps were to our little offsprings until they go without them then all chaos breaks loose. OR they have 1 too many & don’t go to sleep at night. Finding that magic number of the amount of naps & the length of said naps for their age is CRUCIAL. On a good day, J takes 1 nap a day for about an hour & Miles will take 3, each one being 1-1.5 hours. If J decides to be a nap fighter one day, he cannot nap after 4pm, meaning he cannot be asleep when 4pm hits because his bedtime is 830-9pm - that’s his sweet spot. For Miles, his bedtime is 730-8pm so he cannot be in his crib later than 6pm. It definitely takes some practice but once you figure it out, helps yourself & remember the cutoffs, even if it means waking that sleeping angel up.

He’s always a pleasant babe when I wake him up.

He’s always a pleasant babe when I wake him up.

Keep in mind, these are general tips but since May is Better Sleep Month, it only seemed right to address sleeping habits with kids! Please check out The Sleep Help Institute for more guides & charts for you see what to generally expect & how to help! As Momma’s we all know too well that we can’t pour from an empty cup & sleeping is a solid way of refilling that cup after a long day. So I’m gonna leave you with a very short quote:


This post was sponsored by The Sleep Help Institute, but all thoughts mine.