Racers for Pacers

In case you don’t follow me on my Facebook or Instagram [p.s. you should], I recently joined a running community here in South Carolina called Racers for Pacers.


Racers for Pacers [RFP] is a group of people who are dedicated to providing running chairs & experiences for individuals with disabilities who cannot run on their own. They provide disabled individuals with the opportunity to “run” with a pacer a few times a week & in local 5ks, 10ks or longer competitive runs throughout the Lowcountry.

Awesome, right!? I learned about this incredible group during a beach 5k I ran last month. I ran the race last year [very pregnant & pushing J] & was one of a few jogging strollers out there. This year, there were substantially more jogging strollers on the beach & I took notice. Not only were the numbers bigger but the strollers/wheelchairs themselves looked like tanks. Even the shirts they were wearing caught my attention - illustration of someone pushing another in a stroller/wheelchair.


When I got home from the beach run, I immediately emailed Sean, the director of the organization, expressing my need to be involved with them in anyway, specifically applying for Racer & Pacer positions for Jackson & I. I think it was the next day that I got a call from Sean saying they were on board for adding us to their roster & it was done!


The beauty of Racers Pacers, besides the obvious giving back to the community & disabled persons, is they literally just want me to run under their name. THAT’S IT! If my son wasn’t my ‘Racer’, they ask you train together a couple times a week to build the relationship & milage as a unit. No need to register for races or get a stroller. If I didn’t already have my BOB stroller for the boys, they’d provide me with one of the tanks I saw on the beach [I would just pay contributions to it].



You don’t have to be an avid athlete to understand how the simple act of movement can bring joy to people. Imagine not having the simple capability to walk, let alone run. To feel the wind on your face or the impact of hitting the pavement. Racers for Pacers is dedicated to giving as close to that experience to those who can’t. Being able to provide this experiences for those that would lead rather stagnant lives is a blessing in itself. Although Jackson is fully mobile, seeing the joy on these kids faces really allows me to be grateful for my capability TO run.

Donations are accepted throughout the year & everything goes into the beast roller-chairs for kids, race applications & just general wear & tear for the organization. Every race that we [Pacers] are able to run, that’s an experience these kids [Racers] are most likely to have. Pushing a stroller for a 5k is no joke - it deters a lot of people. But pushing either 2 kids or an older kid - people are in awe! However, we don’t do it for the attention. We do it to give back.


I’ve been running with Jackson for years now & it’s become second nature to me. Pushing a double stroller has somehow also become second nature but it’s to get myself out of the house & run for my own health. To imagine a life without it is a disservice & the boys will only know running. I’m beyond grateful to have found this organization that beautifully meshes my love for running, experiencing it with my kids & giving back to my community. I highly recommend donating to Racers for Pacers via directly through there site HERE. If donating, please note Jackson & I as the Racer & Pacer that brought you to this incredible organization. We get no credit - only the ability to run under the RFP name in races.

We’ve only run 1 race with them so far but I’ve planned to run every weekend with them in October if we’re capable! So be on the lookout for us in the streets & thank you for reading!

When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart.