6 Things Our Playroom Needs

When we decided we were buying a house in South Carolina, I immediately started dreaming up an activity / playroom for the boys & Jackson’s therapy sessions. It became a vital checkmark when we started looking at places. I kept going back & forth if I wanted it to be upstairs or down, in a separate room with a door or general space, large or small, etc.

Bottom line - it needed to be a completely separate space from my living room. I also didn’t want it to scream ‘tacky playroom’ & you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not meant to be a place to collect toys. A sophisticated spot, if you will, but still functional to actually play in it.

Here are the top 6 things I needed to have in our playroom:


With Jackson’s therapy, he has to sit at a table to do certain activities. Having a mini table with chairs gives him the opportunity to sit himself down at his own height & work. Not to mention an OT’s dream is for all joints to be at perfect 90 degrees so mini furniture is ideal. The table is actually an older coffee table from IKEA & the chair is a step stool with a back. Eventually I’ll have more, actual mini chairs.

Puzzle by Puzzle Huddle



I’m not going to say it’s tacky to have kids art on your fridge because we definitely have a popsicle house on ours but I don’t want it to become the main place to display. I read somewhere displaying your kids artwork somewhere they can see is not only a reminder of their achievements but also pushes more creativity. I was originally going to hang string & use clothespins to display but decided to just use these old chip clips that actually look super fancy. Couple finishing nails & TA-DA!



As much as this is a kids space, adults will be spending time in it too. Between Matt, J’s therapists & myself, adults would frequently be in the space. As a happy medium, I stumbled across a kids play couch, the Nugget & was immediately sold. It’s easily transformed into a fort, different seating / play options & the cleaning is a breeze. Matt convinced me to get the bold Starfish color to contrast the navy blue I chose for the walls & I have to say, it’s stunning :) Also I added an organizing bench that’s supposed to go at the end of a bed but it just continues the theme with the bookcase & adds an extra couple places for adults to sit.



Having a specific place for kids does create a challenge because let’s be honest: kids usually equals toys & clutter. Because I wanted a sophisticated playroom, everything has to have a purpose yet be aesthetically pleasing. The boys bookcase would have to stay their height to still be able to use it & double it as a display shelf for their toys. Also each block homes a different kind of toy: some hold puzzles, others hold cars [things that roll] & one holds things you sort. Same for the bins: sensory bin, car tracks & Kinetic Sand. This also helps Jackson work on putting things back because he can see where they belong.



I know people are going to have issues with having a TV in a kids playroom but I don’t care. This is MY kids play room & the biggest point of its existence is for each of us to have our own spaces. I’m not gonna lie: sometimes that means having them watch some YouTube or a movie while I watch something separate in the living room or just do something else so I’m not being touched. People ask me all the time how I get so much stuff done & my answer is daycare & technology.

Also because this room is meant to be completely separate, I still want to have eyes on it so a baby monitor is needed. We’ve been using our iBaby Monitor since I had Jackson & it’s honestly my favorite. It works over wifi so I can creep as long as I have a signal [even from a different state].



Obvious but completely necessary. Because we ended up turning the formal dining room [front room with no doors] into the playroom, we needed something to contain the kids & also keep the dogs out. We went for ones with a door rather than pressure ones you have to remove each time you want in or out. We got this big one for the main entry way & this smaller one that leads into the kitchen.

Got them locked in baby jail.

Got them locked in baby jail.

The dogs are 100% allowed in there. I just locked Braxton out to take pictures.

The dogs are 100% allowed in there. I just locked Braxton out to take pictures.

Obviously we have extra items in there that aren’t required but we felt worked in the room. A changing table & J’s trampoline do make the space more cramped but they work.


Honestly, the room turned out a lot better than I envisioned! Yeah, some things could have turned out better & I wish I had a TAD more room but it is serving it’s purpose! I had to alter the vision a little bit with each piece of furniture because I went money smart aka frugal & I bought a majority of the pieces on Facebook Marketplace. But overall, the boys have a great space that turned out to be ideal for other kids too [probably 4 max though due to space] & my living room is an adult space again!

It’s not super chic & all the toys aren’t made of wood but I’m in love with it & so do the boys so that’s all that matters <3

You know those picture perfect images of spaces that look like they haven’t been lived in? Yeah, that’s not here. Yes, those are spilled snacks on the floor with the plate ON TOP OF IT.

You know those picture perfect images of spaces that look like they haven’t been lived in? Yeah, that’s not here. Yes, those are spilled snacks on the floor with the plate ON TOP OF IT.