DIY Halloween Costume | Minimal Effort & Affordable

I brag every year how much I absolutely love Halloween but never really follow through with any ideas that I have. Honestly, it makes me mad at myself & I KNOW it drives Matt insane but I put my foot down this year & decided this is the year I start it. If for anything, the kids.

When coming up with a family costume for all of us [Matt included], it has to be recognizable but achievable with little effort [I can’t justify buying all these things for a one time use]. Also, Matt refuses to wear masks, makeup, or anything of that nature. So after lots of ideas, I’ve settled on a Frankenstein family! The boys will be mini Frankensteins, I’ll be the Mother of Frankenstein & Matt will be the Mad Scientist. His is achievable with a basic white coat, rubber gloves & goggles - BOOM! Mine will just be some white nightgown from a thrift store, making my hair tall, some white streaks & Halloween makeups - BOOM! Those pictures will happen on Halloween because I’m pretty sure Matt will only ‘get dressed’ once.

For the boys, I could not justify & will not buy them actual costumes. Something about the cheap fabric & how literally anyone could be wearing the exact same things drives me crazy. Not to mention I’m pretty sure Jackson wouldn’t allow the scratchy fabric or mask of any sort [sensory processing problems]. So what have I resorted to? My all time favorite kids brand for basics & dressing that up.


We’ve been using Primary basics for years now & I swear, I’m gonna continue shopping the until the kids outgrow their sizes. The boys wear them all year round due to them having plenty of styles & colors AND they’re super affordable. Because they’ve been wearing them for years, buying a black T-shirt from them brings me NO guilt because I know this shirt will get worn again. For their costume, they’ll be wearing black tops [long sleeve or short depending on the weather], black thermal pants with their classic Converses they’re done!


Because they’re children & make-up on kids may not be the best combo, I’m planning on a non-extensive make-up job. Some green tinted face paint & 1 ‘cut’ across each of their foreheads with some stitches. May use liquid eyeliner so it’s not so susceptible to smudging, somehow turning their hair into high tops, figuring something out for the neck bolts & we’re done! DIY Frankenstein family on a budget & completely recognizable!

BIG MAD after I drew on his forehead.

BIG MAD after I drew on his forehead.

I hope this inspires another family to take the plunge & dedicate to Halloween or just to be create with how you go about it! Let me know how yours turns out! Happy Costuming!