Sleep Training A Baby with A Toddler

When you decide to expand your family, you’re also willing to sacrifice sleep. It’s just part of parenting. Some kids are rockstar sleepers from the get & others need to be taught. For those that aren’t aware, we sleep trained Jackson at 10 months with Cry It Out [CIO] & it was extremely successful! You can check out that blog entry HERE.



Miles just turned 1 year old & we hadn’t really discussed sleep training him. He’s been a pretty consistent sleeper, just teases us every once in a while with sleeping through the night. However, as of recently, he’s been not only getting up multiple times, but also staying awake for hours in the middle of the night.


Since Simone isn’t here yet, we plan to move Jackson into her room for an extended weekend while we have Miles CIO in their room. It is a risk to move Jackson from his routine but it’s a risk we have to take in order to establish one with Miles.


Miles needs to be able to sleep through the night in order to share a room with his brother moving forward. & if he can’t stay asleep, he needs to be able to put himself back to sleep in a reasonable amount of time so he doesn’t wake up Jackson. Although his crying hasn’t woken Jackson up yet, if he continues waking up like this & J is starting to phase out his nap, I really do not want to risk it! Also I’m only getting more pregnant so I need to catch up on sleep while I can before I lose it again.


Since we have a set bedtime routine in place for the boys, we didn’t intend to disrupt that one to start a new one. Right now, we bathe the boys together every other night & the night we started training Miles was not a bath night. So around 8:30ish, we changed them into pj’s Miles got his bottle, Matt read to both of them then put them each in seperate rooms. Miles then woke up around 1:20am so I went to get him, changed him, fed him another bottle & put him right back in the crib before he could completely fall asleep on me [it’s around 1:30]. He immediately popped back up & started to cry but I just shut the door & walked back to bed. By 1:40, he was asleep in the crib - just over 10 min of crying! He slept the rest of the night with no fussing or sounds but did pee completely through his sheet AND waterproof liner - nasty.


Miles was CRANKY going into the night. He’d only napped once all day for a couple hours but he was ready for bed. He got a bath with brother, night bottle, story & was put to bed with no fuss around 8:30ish. He woke up around 10:30 SCREAMING like he was having a nightmare - face down rather than standing up & holding the rails. I picked him up, changed him, fed him another bottle & went to put him back down - no crying or fussing at all, just rolled over! He’d stopped moving by 11pm & stayed asleep for the remainder of the night!


Went down around 815ish with abath, botte & story with Jackson. He was up around midnight going back & forth between screaming laying back down. However, he was UP up by 1215 so I went in. Changed him, fed him a bottle put him back down by 1230 without a fuss. Down for the night.


SLIGHT BREAKTHROUGH! Same story of how we’ve been putting him to bed. Heard some crying/whining around 1 but he put himself back to sleep before I could even get out of my room. HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!


& then I messed up. Same bedtime routine & he woke up screaming around 1230. I could see on the monitor that he’d peed through his sheet so I knew he wouldn’t go back to sleep [& stay asleep] like that. So I went in to put an extra blanket down & of course, he wakes up -_- Changed, bottle & put back down by 120.



Bath. Bottle. Bedtime Story. Baby is down. He woke up around 1240 screaming so I decided to give him some time to try to calm himself down. 20 min later, he’d put himself back down & slept the remainder of the night!


It would only make sense that the final night of training, Miles would sleep completely through the night. We’re planning to continue keeping them separate until we put their bunk beds together [hopefully this week] but Miles has been going strong since! He’s officially going down without a bottle & also NOT getting a bottle in the middle of the night if he wakes up. Simply gets a change then back to bed. We have also started adding an extra liner to his nighttime diaper in hopes it’ll soak up any extra moisture.


Like with Jackson, Miles is older & catches onto things faster than when people usually start to sleep train. As much as it sucked to let him cry, he’s becoming accustomed to me going in & grabbing him when he starts to cry & that can’t continue! Simone is gonna get that attention in a few months!! But also, he needs the opportunity to learn himself. Very glad we separate the boys because it wouldn’t have been possible to do this with J in the room.

There are always growing pains on both the parents & kids end but it does feel great to know both of us are going to get as much sleep possible as we can! I’ve been asked to also do a separate post for how we got the boys to sleep in the same room but that would be the shortest entry because we literally just put them together one day & BOOM - that was it hahaha.

Sleep training is something different & there are plenty of different tactics to use so to each their own. CIO is our bread & butter & it’s only gotten easier with each kid. We’re prepared for possible regressions, especially once we transition them to bunk beds but to have them both sleep through the night was the first step & we can comfortably say now that they are both trained :D

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