HEY! Thanks for showing interest in wanting to work together! My family & I love working with brands that my readers would relate to & also fit in our lifestyle.

If you want to move forward, please fill out the form below so we can further discuss details! Please note that even though I love working with many brands, I choose my partnerships carefully. As much as I love trying out products, if it’s not a right fit for my blog & readers, I may turn down an offer. It’s nothing personal, but I want it to be a success for both myself & the people I work with! I mean, freebies are fun but I'm really here talk about items & lifestyle tips I really believe in & personally use.

A few brands I’ve worked with & / or still are working with are.. (updated 9.1)
SwimZip, BunMaternity, Pink Blush, Jord, Once Upon A Farm, Target, Amara Baby Food, Happy Little Camper, Logan + Lenora, Rocco + Norah, Cay + Col, Ingrid + Isabel, Hooray Heroes & TC Bandages.

Thanks again & I look forward to working with you!

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